Maneater - Switch Review (Quick)

"If you take away the shark-themed coat of paint, it just becomes a game you’ve played many, many, MANY times before."

Maneater - Switch Review (Quick)
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Maneater is an open world action game where you play as a young shark who is out for revenge after a hunter killed her mother and tore her out of her dying mother’s womb - now that's metal! Armed with only the fire in her eyes and rows of razor sharp teeth, it is your job to climb your way up the food chain and mutate yourself in irradiated waters to become the most fearsome shark you can be.


  • Excellent underwater controls
  • Charming tongue-in-cheek humour
  • Multiple storytelling styles where the game is presented as a nature documentary during gameplay and switches to a reality tv show style during cutscenes with the shark hunters

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  • Clunky combat
  • Uninteresting character upgrades
  • Low texture quality during cutscenes

Final Score: 60%

While Maneater was fun at first the novelty of playing as a giant murderous shark, it dissipates quickly and the realisation that you’re playing yet another generic Open World game sets in. Don’t get me wrong, I had more fun with this than most Open World games I’ve played in recent years; in fact, I really enjoy that the game makes you do some of the side content before continuing with the story to give that extra work actual purpose instead of something you do on your way to a story section or if you’re bored; but in the end, if you take away the shark-themed coat of paint, it just becomes a game you’ve played many, many, MANY times before.

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