Venture Kid: Gold Items Locations Guide

Venture Kid: Gold Items Locations Guide
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The Gold Items in Venture Kid are optional items to collect and will be very tempting for completionists. But if you’re struggling to find a couple, we’ve got you covered…

Forest Gold Ball

In this frame, there is a discoloured block that you can walk through. The path then is straight towards the Gold Ball.

City Gold Cartridge

As shown in the image below, jump up above the pointed ledge Super Mario Bros. style.

Keep following the linear path to get the Gold Cartridge.

Desert Gold Genie Lamp

In this frame, jump on top of the slanted platformer and keep jumping up to enter a new frame.

In here, use the Boomerang to throw it through the wall to hit the button.

When you get to the frame shown below, go through the bottom-left exit.

Keep following along a linear path until you get to the Gold Genie Lamp.

Volcano Gold Urn

This Gold Item is quite easy. When you get to the last frame before the boss battle, head through the left frame past the fire. The Gold Urn is behind there.

Jungle Gold Feathers

Head to this frame to pick up the Bomb.

Manoeuvre past the spiders and fall down the right pit (you can get an extra life here if you fall to the left).

Keep going down-right and throw the bomb on the broken ground as shown below.

Keep following this linear path and jump between the moving spiked walls where the Gold Feathers will be (it’s not shown below because I had already got them prior).

Ice Mine Gold Pickaxe

In the frame shown below, use your new double jump ability to be able to shoot a bullet at the big ice block in the top-left corner.

Jump into the mine cart, jump from one to the next and the Gold Pickaxe will be at the end.

Factory Gold Wrench

In this frame, pick up the Bomb.

Continue going right and throw the bomb at the cracked wall.

In this room, jump up to the button to press it.

Head out and down. Continue to follow the linear path and head through the right pathway in the frame below…

Keep following that path and press the button at the end.

Head back to the left and pick up the Gold Wrench that has dropped down.

Castle Gold Sword

In this frame, jump onto the crumbling block and go through the top-right exit.

Proceed upwards via the crumbling blocks and the Gold Sword is sitting there in the top-right corner.