The title Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? generally tends to raise an eyebrow and with a video game based around the anime series, one is provided with more questions than answers. Therefore Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth Infinite Combate not only has a ludicrously long name, but it also tells a ludicrous tale about a young boy named Bell Cranel who delves deep into dungeons in order to rescue and woo a fair young maiden. When things don’t quite go the way he would have initially predicted, he endeavours to become stronger by training in quests that consist of topdown action dungeon crawling scenarios.


The crux of the gameplay is the combat and let me start off by saying that it feels astoundingly lifeless and hollow. The mechanics consist of a quick attack, a slower yet more powerful attack, a dash and special attacks from your party members that involve you either needing to press the L or R button. The enemy’s movements are simplistic and predictable, meaning that you can almost button mash your way through a dungeon. Not only that, the combat lacks strategy and any sort of engagement, becoming tiresome after the second or third dungeon.

Outside of the dungeons, there isn’t all that much more to the game. You’ll flick through dialogue, buy and upgrade equipment at the markets and go to other places via the menu in order to flick through even more dialogue. There are side quests that you can undertaken between story beats, but they’re simply to fetch items and kill X amounts of enemies.

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World / Level Design

The dungeons are as basic as a dungeon can get, with flat planes, a lack of design variety and nothing to interact with. As previously mentioned, there is no exploration outside of the dungeons as you’re simply navigating through menus. This makes the game repetitive and relentlessly dull, making me wish I could explore the town of Orario, interact with townsfolk and engage in the world more.

Story / Personality

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth – Infinite Combate takes place over the anime’s first season. There are some video game exclusive narrative points provided, but they don’t add much substance and ultimately feel like filler. Despite this, the same characters and their quirky dynamics are in full swing so fans of the series can take comfort in that remaining the same, at the very least.

Graphics / Art Direction

The dialogue segments contain lifeless 2D character depictions that lack personality over stock standard backdrops in the art style of the anime. These characters’ mouths only open once every five syllables and to nod and shake their heads, the entire image moves left to right or up and down. It reminds me of selecting a pasted image in Microsoft Paint and awkwardly moving it around with the cursor.

Dungeons are lacklustre in both design and visual presentation, with nothing to significantly point out. They are so poor in visual fidelity that they are reminiscent of similar games on the PSP and blowing that up on a TV screen or monitor looks utterly horrendous.

Music / Sound Design

Dialogue is only in Japanese with English subtitles. This may be a glaring negative to those who prefer dubbed anime and simply not providing that option alienates that corner of fans.

The audio mastering seems consistently poor, with enemy grunts being much louder than the music and outside of the dungeons, the music often drowns out the voice acting.

Final Score: 20%

This game must be the most blatant cash grab I have ever had the misfortune to play through. It turns out, the character drawings aren’t the only thing that’s flat about this game. As a fan of the series, I am embarrassed for it and was hoping for so much more, only to be vehemently disappointed by its most basic dungeon design, uninspired combat and lacklustre animation.

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