Freshly Frosted - Switch Review

"A thoughtless game in the best possible way."

Freshly Frosted - Switch Review
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Freshly Frosted is a causal pastry-based puzzle game that’ll allow you to flex your critical thinking muscle without frustration or fatigue. Sometimes you’re not in the mood for the latest AAA gun-splosion or interactive miniseries masquerading as a video game, and Freshly Frosted is the perfect game to satisfy your low-stress sweet tooth.

The Good

The gameplay is straightforward and unpretentious: your goal is to make paths between donut-producing ovens and their respective destinations via conveyors on grid based levels, adding toppings as prompted. The learning curve is gradual and generous. The levels add different toppings and more paths at a pace that never feels overwhelming or unfair. And unlike free mobile games with similar concepts and more predatory methods, you won’t be penalised or have to sit through irrelevant ads for using a hint or skipping a level. The game is constructed in such a way that it eases you into every new aspect. This is the kind of game that is just stimulating enough to play while watching a show without being a distraction.

One of the most important aspects of gaming in my life has been relaxation. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and ADHD my whole life, gaming has been a gateway to relaxation that otherwise might elude me, and Freshly Frosted is among the most peaceful and relaxing games I’ve ever played. This sort of mind-numbing x-factor varies from gamer to gamer, but this game is common-denominator, warm-milk-before-bedtime, spa-day relaxing: There’s no stress in this literal daydream of a game. The music is rhythmic and soft but still manages to be stimulating; the hint and level skip systems ensure that even when the puzzles are tricky, you won’t get stuck; and the soothing voice over that narrates your journey all adds up to a marshmallow of a game - a warm blanket.


  • A great concept
  • Accessibility
  • Soft and relaxing score
  • Relaxing

The Bad

The main issue with Freshly Frosted and games like it is the price/content ratio. There’s no way around it, Freshly Frosted is lacking in content and replayability simply because of how simple it is, and it can be discouraging to spend $10 on a game like this, no matter how good it is. This might seem like a non-sequitur, but it’s my duty as a critic to keep the consumer experience in mind in order to both help the player find games they love and similarly help the game find its target audience. For a gamer who prefers a casual, turn-your-brain-off, sort of game, Freshly Frosted is excellent, but the question is whether it is enough.

There were also a few technical hiccups along the way, especially as the puzzles became more complex: minor framerate dips and control stick inconsistency occasionally occurred but they never hampered the experience for more than a few seconds.

  • Lacking Substance
  • Minimal performance flubs

Final Score: 8/10

Freshly Frosted is a great low-stress game with clever puzzles and an interesting framing device. There’s much more to love about this game than to dislike, especially if games like Candy Crush and Bejewelled help you to unwind. This game is like those App Store classics, but with more thought provoking puzzles and mechanics. Freshly Frosted manages to walk the line between relaxing and stimulating in a very satisfying way, but people that enjoy the aforementioned games usually may not go to consoles for their fix. Freshly Frosted has the feel of a cult classic, even though it’s brand new. Freshly Frosted is a thoughtless game in the best possible way.

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