Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 9: Chasm

Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 9: Chasm
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Welcome to Part 9 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – Chasm. There are a total of 16 levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level A: Rocky Prison

Use the Skull to change SKULL IS YOU to ALL IS YOU. Now, move up one tile so that the WIN text is against the bottom wall of its enclosure, and then walk as far to the right as you can. You should have at least one Water tile left. Now move up three tiles. This will create an empty space to the left of WIN.

Head back down and form SKULL IS YOU again. Then move WATER and IS to make WATER IS WIN, and overlap the Water tile.

Level B: Siege

Begin by pushing the Rock close to the Water. Now form ROCK IS PUSH AND MORE, and wait (press A) twice, so that the Rocks have expanded twice, before breaking the AND MORE sequence by pushing down AND or MORE.

Get Baba onto the left side of the rocks and push them into the water; the more you get rid of the easier it will be to maneuver the text across the screen. When there is enough space, move all the text except ROCK across to form BABA IS PUSH AND MORE. (It may be easier to move MORE first and fill in the rest after).

Then simply wait until the ever-expanding Babas reach the Flag.

Level C: Elusive Condition

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), the screenshots below look different. However, the solution remains the same.

Moving the hand as little as possible, push ALL away from HAND IS ALL. Now place IS and HAND below the HAND along the top to make HAND IS HAND. This ensures that no matter what, the Hand will not become another object.

Next, using the IS in HAND IS HAND, horizontally make ALL IS EMPTY, and all the Stars should disappear.

All that remains is to break ALL IS EMPTY and make either HAND IS WIN or ALL IS WIN; but if you like sparkles (as I do) you might also want to try EMPTY IS WIN. Unfortunately, this option will not allow you to win.

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Level D: Treasury

Position the Rock directly underneath the Key, then go back and push MORE two tiles to the right, so that new Keys appear around the original, but not on the tile the Rock is occupying.

Next, break the ROCK IS PUSH sequence and head into the room where the Keys are. Push the top Key right, and the middle one down, which will let you push the leftmost Key out the room and into the Door.

Level E: Looking for a Heart

Break ROCK IS MOVE and make ROCK IS PUSH. Bring the Rock down so that it’s horizontally level with the two doors, facing right, but make sure that it is placed more that one empty tile away from it. Now move ROCK IS to the right to make ROCK IS ALL vertically, and a bunch of objects will appear over the Rock.

Next, push ALL right one tile. Once you start moving around, more Babas will appear until you break ROCK IS ALL. So, head to a corner and combine them to make one SUPER Baba!

Perhaps ‘SUPER’ Baba was a bit of an exaggeration…

Then make LOVE IS MOVE. Break it once the Heart is free of the other objects by at least one empty tile, and push ROCK IS upward so you can push them back to where the other texts are. Make LOVE IS PUSH and LOVE IS OPEN and use the Heart to open the first Door.

Now, you need to do the same with the Rock: Make ROCK IS MOVE, wait till it’s free, then make ROCK IS PUSH and ROCK IS OPEN to open the second door and get the Flag.

Level F: Lava Flood

Don’t panic. Just walk Baba over and push either FLAG or IS down to overlap the Flag, saving it from the lava. Then you can go down and disengage the FLAG IS MELT sequence, remake FLAG IS WIN and win.

Level G: Entropy

Note: This puzzle cannot be solved if you accidentally make the two Babas you control overlap each other; they need to have one tile gap between them – they also must be separate until the very end.

Use the ALL in the top-let corner of the screen to make ALL HAS ROCK. Place OPEN underneath YOU and put ROCK IS above to make ROCK IS YOU.

Push OPEN up one tile to make ROCK IS YOU and BABA IS OPEN. The two Babas should transform into two rocks. Now make ROCK HAS ROCK, then ALL IS OPEN. The Walls will disappear, and the Rocks you control will constantly regenerate.

Next, make ROCK IS WEAK, then ROCK HAS BABA. Making sure the Rocks are separated by more than one tile, walk one Rock into the edge of the screen so it turns into a Baba. In the top-right corner, push IS up once to make BABA ON ROCK IS WIN. Finally, break ROCK IS WEAK and walk into Baba.

Level H: Floodgates

There may be many possible variants to this solution, which makes it difficult to describe; however, this is the specific solution I found:

First, use the three Wall blocks to place on the top, bottom, and right of the Star. The idea is to contain the explosion as much as possible, while allowing it to reach the Heart before anywhere else. So I made STAR IS MORE by placing the text above the Star and to the left, so that the top Wall block is directly to the right of MORE, and preventing the explosion from travelling upward.

When STAR IS MORE is made, wait for two “moves”, so that the furthest Star should be directly beneath the STAR text. Break the sequence and move it so that it is vertical, with MORE one tile right and up from the Heart and STAR IS above that. (Note: Baba should be standing either to the left or right of the text sequence, not above or below it – this allows you to pause the explosion within one movement.)

This time, wait for one “move”, until there is one empty tile between the Skulls and the nearest Star on the top and bottom. Break the sequence. Now you will need to move the Wall blocks to contain the explosion. Put two of them in the empty space at the top, between the Stars and the Skulls, so that the Wall on the left is vertically aligned with the WIN text at the top of the screen. Put the remaining Wall block in the space between the bottom row of Skulls and the nearest Star, which should be vertically aligned with the right Wall block on top.

Keep STAR IS MOVE in the same spot, and reconnect it. It should take one wait “move” before the closest Star finally reaches the Heart and turns it into the Key. If none of the Skulls have been exploded by this point, you’ve done it correctly. Break STAR IS MOVE once more, and take the Key up to the Door.

Level I: Lonely Sight

This puzzle also has a rather flexible solution. The main point to keep in mind is, if you run out of Babas, you can always make MORE.

First, you need to form BABA IS MORE, but in a way that you can break the sequence without being overrun by Babas. To this end I put the ROCK next to the left of the BABA IS YOU sequence and ended up with nine Babas, which worked out fine.

Next, you need to make some Love. Form the sequence BABA ON BABA IS LOVE, and walk into the Wall. The unfortunate Babas who get squished turn into Hearts.

After that, you need to do the same for Rocks: Make BABA ON BABA IS ROCK, and walk into the same bit of wall. You need one of the Rocks you create to overlap a Heart. Because ROCK ON HEART IS WEAK, it should break, and turn into an Ice block.

There should be a Heart still overlapping that Ice block, so if you make the sequence LOVE IS FLAG, you can create a Flag overlapping the Ice, which will allow you to WIN.

Extra Level 1: Metacognition

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), the screenshots below may appear different. However, the solution remains the same.

First, push the IS text near the Door down two tiles, and put one of the Key objects in front of the Door. Next, position the other Key above KEY IS PUSH, so it is directly above IS, as you are going to use it as if it was a text object.

So move the PUSH text down and left one tile, to form Key (object) IS PUSH, and place the WORD text where PUSH used to be, forming KEY IS WORD.

Now the Key in front of the door will activate the sequence Key (object) IS OPEN, allowing you to open the Door and reach the Flag.

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Extra Level 2: Multitool

First you need to disengage ROCK IS HOT by pushing the ROCK text into the little nook provided. Walk into the next enclosure and position Keke on top of the Box.

Next, break KEKE IS PUSH and, thanks to the ROCK IS WORD text below, you can push IS PUSH next to the Rock object (horizontally) and push it left into the first room, before walking Baba around it and pushing Rock (object) IS PUSH back through into the second room so that the Rock (object) is two tiles underneath KEKE.

Here, you need to form KEKE IS Rock (object) vertically to turn Keke into a Rock. Next, make Rock (object) IS PUSH horizontally again and push the sequence back once more into the first room so that the Rock (object) is vertically in line with ROCK. Once there, push the Rock (Object) up once and remake Rock (object) IS PUSH vertically, so that you can push the sequence up to form Rock (object) IS HOT to destroy the Box and reveal the Flag.

Extra Level 3: Broken

Huge thanks to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for this one!

Push the Rock into PUSH and they will overlap each other.

Then step into the Ice tile to teleport and push the other Rock onto the ICE text so that they overlap.

Text tiles will start bouncing around, but what we want is for ICE and Push to overlap each other and end on the Ice tile. When that happens, push them out.

Now make ICE/PUSH IS WIN and walk into the Ice tile.

Extra Level 4: Alley

Huge thanks to Khana for helping us with this one!

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), a lot of levels have been altered, therefore the solution below may not be correct anymore. We are working hard to get this updated but if you manage to solve this one before we do, we would greatly appreciate it if you could email us the solution at We will, of course, also provide credit for your efforts.

First, make WATER IS PUSH vertically.

Then, push Water (object) and IS down to make Water (object) IS PUSH horizontally.

Now push WATER (text) up to the top to make WATER IS WORD.

Then make ROCK IS PUSH vertically.

Head to the right and push the Water and Rock tiles to the right so that you can get into the right room. Push WATER down to create WATER IS SINK.

Head back to the middle room and deactivate ROCK IS PUSH by pushing ROCK once to the left. Then stand on the Rock in the right room and push the tile of water to the left of ROCK. Push both the Water tile and ROCK to recreate ROCK IS PUSH.

Push the Rock in the middle room next to the bottom Water tile that is making up Water (object) IS PUSH. Deactivate ROCK IS PUSH again by pushing ROCK once to the left.

Now position Keke to the right of PUSH and push once to the left to destroy both the Rock and Water tile.

Push the IS tile to the left to once again recreate ROCK IS PUSH.

We are now heading over to the left side of the level and we’re going to push the Rock into the Water tile so they both disappear.

Head back to the middle room and push the IS that’s in ROCK IS PUSH once to the left, followed by PUSH once to the left, ultimately creating Water (object) IS PUSH. Head over to the left area again, push the Water tile up and because Rock isn’t push, you can simply walk through it and get to the winning Moon.

Extra Level 5: Keke and the Star

A MASSIVE thanks to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) and Olivia S for this one!

Push BABA IS YOU downwards so that BABA is horizontally in line with IS FLOAT.

Once you’ve done that, move LAVA IS to make LAVA IS YOU horizontally.

Now that you’re controlling both Baba and the Lava, first use Baba to push the IS in BABA IS YOU once to the left.

Then just as the Lava, push LAVA IS YOU so that YOU is one square left and one square down of the leftmost Hedge tile.

Now recreate BABA IS YOU, whilst also creating BABA IS FLOAT.

Now that you’re controlling both objects again, and now that Baba is Float, guide Baba through the tunnel of Skulls, fish out SLEEP and bring it back out (this will also wake up Keke which is kinda cute).

Push BABA IS YOU up so that YOU is horizontally in line with the tunnel of Skulls.

Make LAVA IS YOU horizontally;

Push LAVA IS YOU to the right a couple times so that they are overlapping the Skulls and you are just Lava now (Baba will also transform into Lava, but we can work with that). Use all of the Text tiles that you have at your disposal to make a conga line, with YOU at the end. Once the YOU is below KEKE IS, you’ll then be able to control Keke and walk into the winning Star.

Extra Level 6: Visiting Baba

Once again, a humungous thank you to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) for this one!

You are Me. Push the Rock down into the Water to get out of this little area, then push the Rock into the Star.

Teleport yourself and push ROCK IS so that the IS is overlapping the Skull and ROCK is above it.

Teleport back and manoeuvre FUNGUS IS WORD up to where you put ROCK IS so that you have both ROCK IS WORD and FUNGUS IS WORD.

Now teleport back and push IS PUSH to the left so that it is underneath the Star.

Teleport back and push the Fungus onto the Star when the Rock isn’t on it. Now, the two objects will alternate and as they are both Word, they’ll alternate in being Push.

Head over to the right section by walking through the Door and pushing IS out the way. Push the Fungi and Rock into the water row-by-row, making a path for you to go through to Baba. Remember, you can only push the objects when they are Push, which they will alternate with every turn. So the best way is to Push, Wait, Push, Wait, etc.

Extra Level 7: Automated Doors

Thank you to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) and nop d for their help with this one!

Push the NOT text up to the top so that it is above the IS in WALL IS STOP (just with a wall between them).

Push YOU into the top-right enclosure and before you push it up further, push WORD down once. As soon as you’ve done that, make ROCK IS YOU.

Now that you’re controlling both Baba and the Rock, navigate so that the Rock goes into the bottom-left enclosure. You’ll want to have it so that at the same time Baba pushes down the IS in ROCK IS YOU, the Rock will be coming down next to IS FLAG to make Rock (object) IS FLAG.

Push YOU once to the right and make ROCK IS WORD. This will make the ugly Rockling turn into a beautiful Flag (the Rock will become a Flag)…

Make WALL IS WORD vertically and then push YOU up once to make NOT WALL IS YOU. This means that you control every space that isn’t a Wall, and what’s not touching a wall? The winning Flag!

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