Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 8: Rocket Trip / Space

Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 8: Rocket Trip / Space
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Welcome to Part 8 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – Rocket Trip. There are a total of 14 levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level 01: Empty


Level 02: Lonely Flag

Anni is Best, apparently.

First, form DOOR IS EMPTY to remove all the Doors around Baba.

Next, move the EMPTY and IS texts over to the bottom left corner to form EMPTY IS BABA, however make sure that you do it vertically and not horizontally.

Now every empty tile will become Baba. Simply move one tile up and to the left and you’re done.

Level 03: Babas Are You

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), the picture below look different, however the solution remains the same.

This one is a lot simpler than it appears, despite the army of Babas farting around. Move down three tiles, and push ROCK IS PUSH leftward until PUSH is vertically aligned with EMPTY IS BABA.

Now move up one tile and left three tiles, so that you have three Babas lined up above ROCK IS PUSH. Move down two tiles to make ROCK IS EMPTY, which will create a new Baba in the top-left corner.

Ignoring the mess you’ve created below, walk the new Baba down and right to the ICE IS text and move them into the bottom right corner to make ICE IS WIN, and head up to the lone Ice block.

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Level 04: Please Hold My Key

This one is a little fiddly, but again relatively straightforward. First, push the BABA IS YOU text right, so that it’s against the cloud where the Door is, like a ledge.

Next, position the KEY and IS texts like a ledge in the same way, but on the side of the cloud where the Key is. Since the Key will act as if there is gravity and automatically fall to the lowest space available, you need to keep it above the text blocks. Push the Key to the right two tiles, so that it is above the second of the KEY and IS text.

Then move the first text block up and around the Key to make more ledge on the right to support it. Push the Key right one more tile, and repeat this process until the KEY is above the BABA IS YOU text.

Now you can bring the KEY IS text down to form KEY IS OPEN, and push the Key the rest of the way to open the Door and reach the Flag.

Level 05: Horror Story

Make EMPTY IS YOU by push EMPTY downwards, forcing BABA to hit the bottom. Move left three times and then down once. You will be Baba again and you can simply walk into that Flag.

Level 06: Aiming High

A big thank you to Alayric for his solution on YouTube for this one!

First, make your Babas vertically aligned with each other. Then push the IS that is next to DUST and WIN down so that it is one tile left of the IS in CLOUD IS STOP.

With your separated Babas, push CLOUD and WIN to the left so that CLOUD IS WIN is using the new IS that we had recently brought over. Push that up so that STOP is horizontally in line with BABA and push the other IS between them so you have BABA IS YOU, BABA IS STOP and CLOUD IS STOP shaped like an S… sort of like one of those annoying pieces in Tetris.

Now move your Babas over to the right side and have the bottom Baba one tile left of the other. Have the top Baba push the Moon down to the lower Cloud platform and then again so that it lands on top of the lower Baba.

Now bring the Moon up to the top and into the Star so that Dust appears.

Head over to the left side and make DUST IS WIN. Then go back to the right and walk into the Dust.

Level 07: Trio

A galactic sized thank you to MerlynW and notsom1 for their help with this one!

Make KEKE AND ME IS PUSH horizontally. Then, use the spare IS push it into Me from the left so that Keke is standing on it.

Move Me up so that it is one tile left of the bottom Skull, Push IS with Keke on top up three spaces and move MOVE next to the IS.

Using those texts as a bridge, guide Keke over so that it is on top of Me.

Back to the text in the top left, rearrange them so that it vertically spells KEKE AND ME IS MOVE, with ME IS PUSH protruding out horizontally. This will make both Keke and Me move together. When they hit the clouds and are coming back to the left, disengage ME IS PUSH when they are in the position shown below…

Keke will fall, continue moving and break SKULL IS DEFEAT. When this happens, you are free to walk through the Skulls and around to the Flag.

Level 08: Bottleneck

A MASSIVE thank you to firstaid.hermin for helping us out with Bottleneck.

Push both of the stars to the right so that they’re two tiles up from the solitary Cloud tile and horizontally next to each other just left of the right Cloud Wall… probably just easier if you look at the image below…

Next, push the Rocket so that it is facing left and is one tile to the right of the most bottom Belt tile.

Now push PUSH so that it is two tiles up from the right Star.

Push EMPTY AND ROCKET IS one tile down and left of the PUSH text that we had just placed there.

Now push PUSH down once to make EMPTY AND ROCKET IS PUSH.

Move left once, then down twice, pushing IS down whilst simultaneously placing the Rocket on the Belt which is moving it upwards.

You’ll have just enough movements to walk through the Skull before it becomes Defeat. Push AND right to form STAR IS STAR AND DEFEAT and make your way to the Flag.

Level 09: Platformer

A big thank you to firstaid.hermin for this one!

Push UFO right then down to make KEY IS UFO. Now you have TWO UFOs… counting is fun!

Put UFO back to where it was and push UFO IS PUSH up once. Push both of the UFOs underneath vertically, push UFO to the right, back to the left and push the entire sentence down until PUSH is one space below the Cloud line.

Now move the UFOs so that one is on the left Ice tile and then put the other UFO just to the right of it.

Push PUSH up once so that it is in the Cloud line and use UFO and KEY as a bridge for Keke to walk on.

Once Keke is on KEY, get underneath UFO and push it up and over to the other side.

Keep going until you’ve vertically spelt UFO IS PUSH and have Keke on another text tile just to the right of UFO.

Then do what Scar did to Mufasa and push him off so that he lands on a spaceship… that’s what happened, right? I think I need to rewatch that movie just to be sure.

Head down to where Keke landed and push him once to the right. Then push the left UFO to the right.

Now you can push Keke all the way so that he is on top of the door.

Now use the texts UFO, KEY and IS in any particular order to push OPEN and IS up so that you can use them to make KEKE IS OPEN.

This will open the door and leave the Flag there looking for you, just like Simba was looking for his dad… I’m not going to cry!

Level 10: The Pit

A huge thank you to salixluminosa for their help with this one post-1.0.3 update!

Line up STAR IS vertically over YOU, so that you’re controlling both the Star and the Moon.

Position the Moon above the skulls and break MOON IS YOU, so that you’re only controlling the Star. Then create MOON IS FALL, so that the Moon falls to the bottom of the screen.

Place FALL two spaces above the right Skull, and one AND directly underneath YOU (so that if you pushed FALL to the right once, you’d have STAR IS YOU AND FALL).

Place AND PUSH to the right of YOU, and put MOON IS back into place so you have MOON IS YOU AND PUSH.

Line up the Star and Moon vertically, and push FALL to the right so you have STAR IS YOU AND FALL. The Star should fall and land on the Moon.

STAR is still FALL, but it’s carried on the Moon, so you can control both objects stacked together to manoeuvre them to the Door and use the Moon to open the Door and the Star to touch the Flag.

Level 11: Heavy Words

Bring the Rocket to the left of the tower of text on the left. Push MOON to the right first, and then push DUST into it so MOON falls to the Wall below. Push MOON one tile left, then go back up and push IS two tiles right so it lands next to moon. Finally, push WIN down and make MOON IS WIN. Also, push DUST down on top of IS, as you’ll need it in a moment.

Next, make STAR IS PUSH by first pushing STAR left, then backtracking right one tile and pushing IS left. Now push the Star object down two tiles and left two, so it’s in the corner. Push STAR IS PUSH left until the STAR text drops down through the hole. Push it onto the conveyor belt.

Push DUST into the hole, then push it left, so it overlaps the Star object. Add IS, then PUSH to make DUST IS PUSH, then head right across the conveyor belt, pushing aside STAR and the Dust objects, and get the Moon.

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Level 12: Guardians

Thank you so much Luke M for your help with this one!

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), a lot of levels have been altered, therefore the solution below may not be correct anymore. We are working hard to get this updated but if you manage to solve this one before we do, we would greatly appreciate it if you could email us the solution at We will, of course, also provide credit for your efforts.

Rearrange the text so that ICE IS PULL and TEXT IS PULL is around the bottom-right corner Water tile that has the UFOs in it…

With the square of Ice in the middle of the level, pull each column down one tile so that it looks like it’s shown below…

Then push ICE IS PULL to the left so that it is one square right of the bottom-right tile of Ice. Also, push EMPTY so that it’s one tile below the UFOs.

Walk into the bottom-right tile of Ice and walk to the right so that Baba is underneath EMPTY and TEXT IS PULL has been recreated.

Now make your way up as far as you can go. The Ice tile that Baba is in will protect you from the UFOs.

Now that you’ve pushed WIN and EMPTY as far up as they can go, start moving down so that you’re pulling WIN down. You’ll have to time your descend so that you don’t get hit by a UFO but once you get it right, you can just make your way down without any hassle.

Now make ICE IS WIN and walk into some Ice.

Level 13: Sky Hold

Massive thank yous to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) and Luke M!



Make EMPTY IS OPEN in addition to EMPTY HAS KEY. Push the Box up once and a key will appear… magic!


Push the apparently magic Key into the Door and walk into the Flag.

Extra Level 1: Heavy Cloud

Thank you to MerlynW and Mnemosy for helping us with this one!

To the right of screen, push IS to the right, followed by PUSH twice to the right in order to make STAR IS PUSH.Push DUST twice to the left, then go up and around to push IS once to the left in order to make DUST IS WEAK.

Walk into the Dust up the top and retrieve the Star. We now want to place the Star one tile to the right of the platform that the bunch of texts to the left are on (two tiles right and one tile down of WEAK).

Push DUST IS WEAK to the right so that they fall down the pit and vertically make remain DUST IS WEAK. Push MOON on top of DUST, followed by WIN on top of MOON.

Push the Star downwards twice so that it is one tile to the left of the IS in DUST IS WEAK.

Now make your way over to the right of screen and push STAR IS PUSH to the left just so STAR falls down. Then push STAR onto the Belt.

Now push MOVE to the right once and then WIN all the way down there and put it on the Belt so that it pushes STAR once to the right. Then push the IS in IS PUSH down and onto the Belt. Lastly, push DUST to the right just once so that MOON falls down. Recreate DUST IS WEAK and move MOON next to IS to make MOON IS WIN STAR.

Now Push the MOON IS WIN STAR sequence to the right so that you’re able to touch the Moon.

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