Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 7: Flower Garden

Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 7: Flower Garden
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Welcome to Part 7 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – Flower Garden. There are a total of 12 levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level 01: Condition

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), many of the pictures below look different, however the solution remains the same.

First, move KEKE IS YOU to the right just enough so that you can move upwards through the gap between the Grass of death.

Push DEFEAT up and to the far right so that it is out of the way. Push KEKE and ON up once and then push KEY next to IS in order to spell GRASS IS KEY. Now, all of the Grass will turn into Keys.

Move the keys that are close around KEKE IS YOU over to the left and up so that they won’t get in the way. Now, move KEY down to replace KEKE so that it spells KEY IS YOU.

Once you’ve done that and you are now controlling all of the keys, move in this sequence: up, left x3, up, left x2, right x2.

This will open the Door. Now move down, right x5 and down again to interact with the Flag and beat the level.

Level 02: Thicket

There’s only one thing guaranteed to get rid of a lot of unwanted grass: the Moon!

Also you’re a Flag now.

First, using the text in your enclosure, make FLAG MAKE MOON. Now every step your Flag takes, a Moon will appear on that tile. Walk a path across the grass down to the corner where the WIN text is. Return to the enclosure, and form the sequence MOON IS OPEN. Because of the GRASS IS SHUT text, all the grass you have planted a Moon over will be no more. All that remains is to trek back across the path you have made in the grass, push the WIN down to complete the sequence BABA IS WIN, and head back to Baba to complete the level.

Level 03: Sorting Facility

The key to this puzzle is to make the Belt shift the Rock, but without shifting Baba. To do this, you need form BELT ON ROCK IS SHIFT. Since SHIFT is already against the top wall, just push the rest of the text into the tiles to the left of it. When this is done, you will also need to remake the ROCK IS PUSH sequence by using the ROCK against the top wall and placing IS PUSH beneath it.

Now you can push the Rock along the conveyor belts. Follow it, and give it the final tap into the Water tile to reveal the Key, which you can easily push back to the middle room and into the Door to reach the Flag beyond.

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Level 04: Relaxing Spot

Push the Rock onto the Belt so that it pushes it another tile to the right. Then push the KEKE text on top of the Belt. After that, rearrange the text so that it spells out ROCK ON TEXT IS PUSH downwards.

Head over to the Keke text and push it onto the Rock, then once more so that the Rock and Text is up against the wall.

From underneath the Rock, push it up and left into the Water so that the Rock and Water sinks.

Continue to push the KEKE text up, one tile to the left and push it up into FLAG so that it’s pushed up into IS WIN so that it spells FLAG IS WIN. Now you can waltz your way into the Flag to win.

Level 05: Maritime Adventures

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), the screenshots below appear different. However, the solution remains the same.

Start by breaking HAND IS MOVE, and then push BABA IS YOU closer to the centre of the screen. Collect the ON text as well as WALL IS PUSH and bring them up into the area with the other text. Now push two of the Wall blocks up across the lava and have them aligned vertically, facing either up or down. Move the other two Wall blocks and have them aligned horizontally with where the ON text used to be, and facing left or right.

Next, add HAND IS YOU to BABA IS YOU so you control both Baba and the Hand. At this point it will be convenient to push HAND IS YOU up once to give you more room beneath. Make sure you remake BABA IS YOU when you’ve done this.

Now you need to separate Baba and the Hand and have Baba travel to the corridor where the Skull is, and keep the Hand where the text is. When Baba is vertically aligned with the Skull, have them face up or down and in the same moment, use the Hand to break BABA IS YOU. Make sure not to let Baba push DEFEAT up yet.

Now, set up IS MOVE below IS YOU so that you can make BABA IS MOVE. Wait for Baba to walk up, push DEFEAT up, then walk back down over the Skull and the Lava below it. Break BABA IS MOVE just as Baba walks onto the empty tile below the single Lava block. Remake BABA IS YOU, and make it so that you break BABA IS YOU when Baba is standing exactly one tile to the left of where they previously stopped.

Next, using the IS in HAND IS YOU, make BABA ON WALL IS, but don’t add PUSH to the end of it yet. Add IS MOVE below WALL to get the Walls moving – one set should be going left and right, heading toward Baba, and the other should be heading up and down. When the left/right one has overlapped Baba, break WALL IS MOVE and make BABA IS PUSH. Remake WALL IS MOVE and it should push Baba leftward, over the Lava and into the lower centre of the room.

Break BABA IS PUSH so that Baba is aligned with the other set of Walls heading up/down. Now do the same procedure, so that when the Walls come up under Baba, they push Baba up into the area where all the text is. Make BABA IS YOU, and now you can walk the Hand into the Door, and Baba can get the Flag.

Level 06: Got All This Stuff Here

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), many of the pictures below look different, however the solution remains the same.

First, push the DOOR text so it overlaps the lower Skull, and put the Key on the tile below that, making sure it is facing upward.

Next, make KEY ON ICE IS MOVE, then, horizontally from KEY, make KEY MAKE ICE. This should cause both DOOR and the Key to move upward, through Keke and the Skull above. You need to break KEY MAKE ICE so that DOOR stops one tile below the Water, with the Key one tile below DOOR.

Go up there and push DOOR to make DOOR IS SHUT. Now, remake KEY MAKE ICE, but break it again straight away, so the Key only moves up one tile. This allows you to make KEY IS PUSH, push the Key into the Door, and reach the Flag.

Level 07: Blockade

Push your Pillar through the Hedge passage (not a euphemism) and into the bottom-middle tile of Water. Go back, make ROCK IS PUSH, and push the Rock along the same way, except stop when the Rock is two tiles left of the IS in WATER IS SINK. Leave it there, and go back again.

Next, individually push the three texts of ROCK, IS and PUSH down the passage, starting with ROCK, and up until they are overlapping the water (as long as they are in the middle it doesn’t matter how far you push them).

When this is done they should reactivate ROCK IS PUSH, which allows you to push the rock along into the bottom-left tile of Water. Go back once more, and bring PILLAR and ON with you. With two of the Water tiles gone, you should be able to make PILLAR ON WATER IS SINK, which will allow you to walk over the Water and to the Star.

Level 08: Jaywalkers United

Your first objective is to stop the Kekes from breaking FLAG ON ROCK IS ME. Walk down two tiles, then across left until you are under ME, and push the sequence up two tiles, so that the Kekes push it in sync against the edge of the screen.

Next, go left one tile, then down and around the outer edge of the field to the top right corner. Use the empty space to walk around a bit–you need to judge when the Kekes will come walking back and then push ROCK IS PUSH down two tiles just after they’ve passed. This should give you enough time to push the Rock across to the Flag before the Kekes come back again and break ROCK IS PUSH.

So push the Rock onto the Flag to turn it into a Me, and circle that tile until the Kekes have broken ROCK IS PUSH, allowing you to walk onto the Rock/Me tile.

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Level 09: Overgrowth

A HUGE thank you to Yuxuan Z and Danny M for this one!

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), many of the pictures below look different, however the solution remains the same.

Push FRUIT to replace BABA in order to make FRUIT IS YOU. Make sure that you push FRUIT from the right so that BABA gets pushed to the left side of the sentence.

Then make BABA IS FRUIT so that you now have two fruits to control.

With a lot of manoeuvring, push BABA downwards so that it’s out of the way and make KEY ON FRUIT IS PUSH.

Proceed to the right and push GRASS into IS HEDGE. Make sure that the Fruits never overlap as you won’t be able to get them apart unless you backtrack.

Have both Fruit side-by-side horizontally of each other and get one Fruit behind the Key and the other on the Key. This will allow you to push the Key sideways. Do so until the Key is vertically aligned with the Door.

Now use the Hedge to readjust the Fruit so that they are side-by-side but vertically this time. Do the same thing with the Key but upwards into the Door. Now you can get to the Flag!

Level 10: Adventurers

This one is a doozy, so a massive thanks goes out to Leon Z and LuinArk for this one.

Whilst I’ll continue to write this one out, it is still an incredibly complicated level. So, I’ll also share the video that Leon was nice enough to send us…

Deactivate BELT IS PUSH and push PUSH IS (in that order) through the bottom Skull so that PUSH is on top of it and IS is through to the other side.

Then push BELT up to make BABA MAKE BELT.

Here’s where it gets tricky because each Belt that you make needs to be done in specific ways. So, move as far left as you can go, far up, far left, right two spaces, down, left twice and make your way to the position that Baba is in shown below…

Round two: down once, left once, down seven (so that you’re parallel with the third-to-bottom Skull…

Right once, down six (so that you’re next to the wall and there’s one empty gap below you), left once, up once, right once, up once, left seven, down once, left once and up until you’re in the little room and are one tile above the entrance.

We’re not done yet… far left, up once, right twice, down once, right twice and up once… and breathe!

Head back down by using the Belts but along the way, three tiles down from the entrance to the room we just left (horizontally in line with the bottom wall that’s apart of the top-left enclosure of grass), make one more belt to the right…

On the way back, the corner Belt tile that is three squares left of the third-to-bottom Skull is where you want to go left twice and up once to make a little hook as shown below…

Now head all the way back and deactivate BABA MAKE BELT by pushing BELT to the right.

Now push the IS that we had pushed through in the beginning so that it’s above MOVE and then make HAND IS MOVE. Then push IS SHIFT up towards BELT but don’t go to connect them until the Hands are at this point travelling leftwards…

Now make every step count and head towards the Flag before Ice becomes Defeat. The second hand will make ICE AND FLAG IS WIN and that’s that nightmare done with forever.

Extra Level 1:

A big thank you to LuinArk for this one!

Push LAVA onto the Ice tile and make ICE IS PUSH.

Then make ICE IS TEXT so that you end up with a tile that contains both LAVA and ICE.

Now vertically make TEXT ON ICE/LAVA IS ICE whilst the ON tile is on the Lava tile.


Push ICE IS PUSH into open space to the left and replace ICE with ICE/LAVA.

Push both the Ice and Lava tiles through the Belt, with the Ice tile going through first.

Go up and around to push the Ice tile down into the Door to open it and then push the Lava tile into the Box, revealing the winning Flag.

Extra Level 2: Secret Garden

A HUGE thank you to Yuxuan Z for this one!

Make TEXT ON ROCK IS KEKE and put the other IS on top of the Rock so that it transforms into a Keke.

Make ROCK IS PUSH and push the Rock onto the Skull. Now make KEKE IS PUSH and push Keke onto the Skull so that the Skull is destroyed. Move both of the Rock and Keke on top of the Rock (alternating which one is PUSH.

Make ROCK IS TEXT so that there is now ROCK (text) on Keke.

Finally, make KEKE IS PUSH.

Now we can step onto the Belt ourselves! Push Keke and the ROCK text together into the left tile of Water above. Keke will sink, but you’ll still have the ROCK text that you can use to push FLAG up to make FLAG IS WIN.

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