Baba is You Walkthrough Part 6: Deep Forest

Baba is You Walkthrough Part 6: Deep Forest
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Welcome to Part 6 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – Deep Forest. There are a total of 18 levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level 01: Renovating

To start, push SHIFT downwards with PUSH in order to spell BELT IS PUSH.

Push the conveyor belt all the way up, the middle one to the right and then the bottom one down and into the Wall that’s blocking the Flag.

Push SHIFT up once so that it’s BELT IS SHIFT and the Belt that is underneath the Wall will shift the wall to the right once.

Make it BELT IS PUSH again and push the Belt once more to the right.

Push the Belt once more to the right and continue to do this until you can get to the Flag.

Level 02: Toolshed

When I realised the trick behind this puzzle, I was deeply unhappy. You see a door, don’t you, and you see the text beside it that says DOOR IS SHUT, and you think, ‘Well, I guess that means I can’t walk through it.’

Anyway, walk straight through the stupid Door and push the DOOR IS SHUT text blocks inside the enclosure.

You then need to form the following text sequences: WALL IS SHUT, using the WALL near the upper left corner, KEY IS OPEN and KEY IS PUSH, using the same KEY block for both.

Push the Key through the Door and into the left side of the wall trapping the WIN text.

Finally, use the DOOR and one of the IS texts to form DOOR IS WIN and walk into the Door.

Level 03: Baba Doesn’t Respond

The aim of this puzzle is to position Keke between the Reed and the Door while using the conveyor belts to steer Baba into the bottom right corner to get rid of the Door.

First, position Baba so that he is below the right Belt, with one empty tile between him and the bottom Hedge. He must also be facing left. Next, detach the IS and PUSH texts from BABA and move them up to form BELT IS PUSH. Position the conveyor belts so that one is directly left of the SHUT text, facing right, and the other directly above the first Belt, facing down.

Now, detach IS from BELT IS PUSH and move it, along with the BABA text, down to the bottom left corner to form BABA IS MOVE. Making sure you are taking the most efficient path, walk to the empty space between the Reed and Door. You should have just enough time to get there before Baba pushes the SHUT and DEFEAT blocks, deleting the Door for you and allowing access to the Flag.

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Level 04: Patrol

First, make DOOR IS PUSH and push the Door down once.

Then, make DOOR HAS TREE (make sure to do that first) and then with the same DOOR text, make DOOR IS SINK.

When the front Skull runs into the Door, it’ll make a Tree. So what we want to do now is replace the DOOR text with TREE to make TREE IS SINK and TREE HAS TREE.

Now every Skull that runs into the Tree will be destroyed, mwahahaha! Ahem, now disengage TREE IS SINK and make DOOR IS PUSH. Go down to the next Door, push it downwards and walk into the winning Flag.

Level 05: Canyon

Take the UP text across the Belt to where BELT IS SHIFT is and change it to BELT IS UP.

You can now move all four text blocks back across to the left area. Form BABA IS SHIFT and you will be able to use Baba to push the Belt three tiles to the right and all the way down to the Ghost’s corridor.

Now go around into the other end of the corridor and push the Ghost onto the Belt. The Belt will be facing down, but you can change it to face up again by making BELT IS UP.

When this is done, exchange the UP for SHIFT, making BELT IS SHIFT, and the Ghost will move up one tile. Make BABA IS SHIFT once more, and you can get Baba to push the Ghost out of the corridor and down into the path where the Flowers and Flag are.

Level 06: Concrete Goals

The general solution to this level is to force the Flag to overlap Baba, despite FLAG IS STOP, by putting it on the conveyor belt with Baba trapped at the end.

First, push the conveyor belt two tiles to the right to break WALL IS STOP. Since it’s possible to solve the level without making WALL IS PUSH, I will explain the rest with the assumption that you have left the walls in their default position for this particular solution.

And anyway, I like the walls where they are.

Next, break BELT IS SHIFT, and then make FLAG IS PUSH. Move the Flag somewhere out of the way, before making BELT IS PUSH and pushing the conveyor belts one more tile to the right. Remake FLAG IS PUSH and position the Flag on the left-most Belt tile.

Now, move BELT IS SHIFT to the three empty spaces at the bottom of the wall’s enclosure, but leave one of the texts one tile above where it should be, otherwise the Flag will start moving too soon. In the same area, make WALL IS STOP vertically in the three empty tiles against the right-hand side of the wall. If all this is done correctly, there should be one empty tile between the final Belt tile and the IS in WALL IS STOP. Finally, make BELT IS SHIFT properly, and put Baba at the end of the conveyor belt and wait to receive the Flag.

Level 07: Victory In The Open

This puzzle is all about controlling Keke to make them fetch the WIN text for you. Though I will write out every instruction separately, the process is quite repetitive, so you will probably get the gist of it before long.

First, put Baba next to the MOVE text so that when Keke is two tiles away from being aligned underneath WIN, you can break that sequence and Keke should stop at one tile away. Next, break the KEKE IS RIGHT sequence, and push one of the IS texts onto the Flowers of Defeat, using the free KEKE to make KEKE IS UP. Keke will face upward.

Swap RIGHT for MOVE to make KEKE IS MOVE, and wait until he is between the upper wall and WIN before breaking the sequence. Make KEKE IS RIGHT, and break KEKE IS UP, then remake KEKE IS MOVE but break it immediately after, so that Keke moves one tile and should be directly above WIN.

Break KEKE IS RIGHT, then make KEKE IS UP but break it immediately (Keke will still face upward so long as KEKE IS RIGHT is broken as well) and make KEKE IS MOVE. Keke will walk to the top wall, turn around, and come back down, pushing WIN along with them. When he’s near the bottom, break KEKE IS MOVE and make KEKE IS RIGHT.

Make KEKE IS MOVE again, but it only need be for one step. Break MOVE and make KEKE IS UP. Break UP, then make KEKE IS MOVE again and let Keke walk all the way to the top, turn around, and walk down again. Stop Keke just as they step behind WIN, then make and break RIGHT, and make MOVE once more. Keke should walk to the right wall, turn around, and come back to push WIN all the way back to Baba. Make KEKE IS WIN.

Level 08: Moving Floor

For this puzzle you need to block the ends of each conveyor belt, but you must use the objects at hand in a specific order:

First, place one of the Flags one tile above the lowest Bug (the one facing upward). Then remake the entire FLAG IS PUSH sequence vertically instead of horizontally, and use it to push that Flag one tile down, so that PUSH now overlaps the Bug. Take Keke down into the corridor, cross over the conveyor belt, and push the WIN tile one to the right before heading back to the main area.

Next (without moving the FLAG IS PUSH sequence), put the other IS text on top of the upper Bug, and use the other Flag to push it onto the conveyor belt there. Finally, use the FLAG and IS text blocks to do the same with the remaining Bug and conveyor belt.

Now you should be able to walk down from the top along the vertical corridor behind the two Bugs and form BABA IS WIN.

Level 09: Supermarket

Push BELT IS rightward, along the conveyor belt, until it joins UP, changing the direction of all the conveyor belts, then make Baba walk around to the right of UP and push all three texts back into the room you started in.

Next, make BELT IS RIGHT, before pushing the RIGHT text onto the right of the two Belt tiles leading to the various text objects at the top of the screen. Then put the Rock beside it, on the left Belt.

There is a one-tile gap between the conveyor belt leading to the Flag and the wall. Put BELT IS UP here, and immediately make Baba walk onto the Belt. You should make it just before the Rock pushes the text up the top to make BELT IS WALL and FLAG IS WIN.

Level 10: Lock The Door

A MASSIVE thank you to Kubora for this one!

Disengage BUG IS PUSH and make BABA IS SHIFT.

Go up under the Belt and fish out both the Belt and the Bug so that they are on top of each other. Once you have them both, position them a couple tiles right from the YOU tile and push the Bug-Belt to the right so that it is facing FUNGUS and LOVE from a distance.

Now up the top, make BELT IS horizontally and BUG IS vertically with an empty tile slot that would make up the end of both sentences. Bring SHIFT up there so that you can push it to the right and simultaneously make BELT IS SHIFT and BUG IS SHIFT. If you’re still confused, just look at the image below…

Once you activate the two sentences, the Bug-Belt will start moving to the right. Whilst it’s moving, you need to move past the Fungus into the little enclosure, but don’t touch the Heart just yet.

Wait for the Bug-Belt to activate LOVE IS WINthen you can touch the Heart!

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Level 11: Skull House

And again, a big thank you to Kubora (as well as Kohmei) for figuring out this level as well!

First off, configure all of the texts so that it look like it is shown below…

Then push ROCK to the right, simultaneously making ROCK IS KEY and ROCK IS BABA. So now, the rock will have turned into both another Baba to control and a Key.

Make KEY IS PUSH so that we can push the Key into the Door.

Now use the second Baba to create a gap in the Water so that the first Baba can make for the flag!

Level 12: Factory

A big thank you to firstaid.hermin and Yatta for helping us with this one!

Take WEAK, AND and HAS up and push them through the Bug that is second to bottom. When you’re pushing it through, you’ll want the order to be HAS AND WEAK.

Now push BOX down to make BOX IS YOU.

Now that you’re controlling all nine boxes on the right side of the level, push AND WEAK up so that you’ll be able to get to the left side of them and then push WEAK down a few spaces. Then take the boxes and have the bottom-middle Box make contact with the solitary wall tile above DOOR AND WALL IS STOP in order to destroy the Box and make a clawlike contraption.

‘Pick up’ AND and WEAK and manoeuvre them over to the right to make BUG IS DEFEAT AND WEAK.

When that happens, the Bug that had HAS on it will be destroyed. Still controlling the now eight boxes, make your way through the bottom three (two) Bugs. Two of your Boxes will be destroyed, but that’s ok!

Go underneath the text that we started with and push KEY up to make KEY IS YOU.

Now that you’re controlling the single Key and things are a bit easier, make BOX HAS KEY vertically. Now you can walk into the Boxes and you will earn some more Keys. Walk through the Doors and get to that Flag!

Level A: Nearly

This is just a little introductory puzzle for the SWAP mechanic.

Walk Baba into the SWAP text and then walk into the Flag.

Level B: Not Quite

Push FLAG into the space where BABA is to make FLAG IS YOU. Use the Flag to swap out the SWAP text, then remake BABA IS YOU.

Lastly, remake FLAG IS WIN and walk Baba into the Flag.

Level C: Passing Through

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), the images below look slightly different. However, the solution remains the same.

Make KEKE IS SKULL, then SKULL IS PUSH. Push the Skull to the right until it is overlapping the Grass.

Now form SKULL IS KEKE, followed by KEKE IS MOVE, and wait for Keke to move to the end of the screen and back again. When Keke is standing exactly one tile to the right of the Grass strip, break the KEKE IS MOVE sequence. Keke should take one more step before he stops moving, swapping the Grass tile and moving it behind him.

Next, remake KEKE IS SKULL, and then SKULL IS PUSH, and push the Skull one tile to the right, so it is overlapping the same Grass tile that Keke displaced a moment ago.

Now make SKULL IS KEKE, and KEKE IS MOVE once more. Wait for Keke to walk to the edge of the screen and back again, where he will swap the Grass tile again, giving Baba enough room to walk through and touch the Rock.

Level D: Salvage

Make TEXT AND FLAG IS PULL so that the text is horizontally aligned with the lone SWAP text. Push the whole sequence left, until TEXT touches SWAP. Now you should be able to move to the right to pull all the text back into the enclosure, including SWAP.

Next, break the sequence and put the WIN text on top of one of the Skulls on the right, then use the FLAG text to push WIN one tile further to the right, so that FLAG is now overlapping the Skull.

Now, very carefully make TEXT IS PULL AND SWAP (the “carefully” will make sense once you attempt this) and pull FLAG WIN out of the Skull-wall. The Skull should be swapped to that it is one tile to the right of the others. You will now need to repeat this process for the Skull either directly above or below the first Skull, so that you have two Skulls that are one tile out of place.

When this is done, you need to repeat the same process again, but for one of the Skulls you have already displaced. The need to move Baba up or down to set up the FLAG WIN text correctly is the reason why you had to initially move two of the Skulls. When you’ve displaced one of the Skulls a second time, there should now be a gap for Baba to move through. Make FLAG IS WIN and then escape to the Flag.

Level E: Insulation

Thank you so much Pyra#9079 for your help with this one!

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), a lot of levels have been altered, therefore the solution below may not be correct anymore. We are working hard to get this updated but if you manage to solve this one before we do, we would greatly appreciate it if you could email us the solution at We will, of course, also provide credit for your efforts.

Push Keke up once and to the right until he is standing on the Wall.

Now make KEKE IS UP vertically so that Keke faces upwards.

Once you’ve done that, push UP into the Wall to destroy it.

Now put SKULL where UP had been to make KEKE IS SKULL. The Skull will start moving upwards and it will leave a gap near the top. Head through it and make for the flag!

Extra Level 1: Crumbling Floor

Push a Flag into the lowest Bug. Then from above, push another Flag into it and the first Flag will go down the Belt and into the nook below. Make your way around to that lower section and push WIN to the right.

Now manoeuvre all of FLAG IS PUSH so that you can push it horizontally into the top Bug. Keep going until FLAG is overlapping the Bug, IS is on the Belt and PUSH is in the other nook.

Head up and around, pushing IS down onto the last Belt. The IS will go into the other nook and now you can push WIN over to BABA IS to make BABA IS WIN. Walk into Baba and that’s all she wrote!

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