Baba is You Walkthrough Part 5: Temple Ruins

Baba is You Walkthrough Part 5: Temple Ruins
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Welcome to Part 5 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – Temple Ruins. There are a total of 10 levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level 01: Fragility

Move the IS and WEAK texts that is below BABA and move them to SKULL so it spells SKULL IS WEAK downwards.

Now you can run into the Skulls and they’ll all break.

Move the IS and WEAK texts from SKULL and place them below ROCK so that it spells ROCK IS WEAK.

Walk into the Rock and it will break, leaving a clear path to the winning Flag.

Level 02: Tunnel Vision

As Keke, move up to the top where all the text is and let Baba walk into the water and turn into a Rock. Push BABA IS MOVE downwards to the Wall.

Now push HAS and ROCK to the left and form the sentence ROCK HAS ROCK going downwards.

Now you can push the Rock that’s in the Water and it will simply make another Rock until you get to the Flag.

Level 03: A Present For You

Push BOX to the left and replace LOVE with it so that the sentence reads BOX IS YOU.

Now you are controlling the Box. Move outside of the Wall, take HOT (that’s currently apart of WATER IS HOT) and push it down to replace MELT so that the sentence reads LOVE IS HOT.

You’re going to have to do a little manoeuvring for this bit but basically, we want to push LOVE to the right once so that once again, LOVE IS YOU. Now that you’re controlling the Heart, you’ll want to make BOX IS MELT. To do this, push BOX up and then to the right so that it has some space to move. Use the IS that’s just above PUSH and grab the MELT that you pushed out of the way for HOT previously.

Now that that’s done, walk into the Box and it because LOVE IS HOT, the Box will melt and the Flag will be under you for the win.

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Level 04: Unreachable Shores

First up, push BOX down to IS YOU in order to spell the sentence BOX IS YOU.

Now that you’re the Box, push KEKE to where BOX was to make the sentence KEKE IS PUSH.

Push Keke into the little puddle of Water that’s keeping you from entering the Walls and Keke, along with the Water, will sink.

Push BOX and HAS downwards to create BOX HAS BOX going downwards.

Now you can push through the Water river as the Box and get to the Flag.

Level 05: But Where’s the Key

Thank you stl1988 for the help with this one!

Whilst keeping BABA IS YOU in place, make BABA HAS BOX, BOX IS YOU and BABA IS YOU AND WEAK. Walk into a wall or some grass and you’ll be reincarnated into a Box.

Now make BOX HAS KEY IS YOU and BOX IS YOU AND WEAK. Walk into a wall or grass again and you’ll now be a key.

Lastly, make KEY HAS BOX whilst keeping KEY IS YOU and BOX IS YOU. Walk into the door, which will turn you into a Box and you can now make for the Flag.

Disregard the AND WEAK next to BOX IS YOU.

Level 06: Love Is Out There

The aim of this level is to show that an object can contain more than one other object.

First, arrange the text so that you have BOX HAS KEY AND along the top wall, then push the BOX IS WEAK text up to join it, forming BOX HAS KEY AND BOX. Also, connect the remaining IS and PUSH texts up to the left-most BOX text to make BOX IS PUSH.

Now, push the Box object against the first Door. It will generate a Key as well as a new Box.

Go up to the top again and move the IS PUSH texts along to join the KEY text, so that you can open the door with the Key (Baba may experience some slight tremors due to the constantly destroying and regenerating Boxes).

Once you have opened the first Door, push PUSH and IS back underneath the left BOX text and push the Box into the second door to get another key. Push PUSH and IS back underneath KEY and push the Key into the Door to unlock it and head on out to find yourself some Love.

Level 07: Perilous Gang

Your first objective is to make the two Ghosts carry text for you across to addend the SKULL IS DEFEAT text to turn all the Skulls into Ghosts. Line up both Ghosts so that the first is one tile below the SKULL IS DEFEAT text, and the other is directly below the first Ghost. Both need to be facing to the right. Next, move the free IS text to the right of the upper Ghost, and position GHOST IS and MOVE to the right of the lower Ghost. The free IS and the GHOST text must be aligned vertically, so that when the Ghosts push the text over to the other side, it will create SKULL IS GHOST.

Now Wait for the Ghosts to do their work. When the Skulls have all become Ghosts, they will also begin to move, so without wandering around, move Baba straight over to the GHOST IS MOVE text and disengage it by pushing the IS text down one tile, otherwise the ghostly gang will move the WIN text to the top and make it useless.
Now that things have calmed down, you can push the GHOST and IS texts up to form GHOST IS WIN and hug a ghoulie of your choosing.

Level 08: Double Moat

First, make KEKE IS YOU horizontally in combination with BABA IS YOU.

Then use Keke to push the BABA text away and replace KEKE in the horizontal sequence. Finally, use Baba to put the KEKE text in the vertical sequence.

Next, you need to position Keke so that it’s aligned horizontally with the Door and facing right – but in the same moment you need to use Baba to break KEKE IS YOU and freeze Keke in place. Calculate the distance needed and use the corners of the Walls to achieve this.

Unless you have moved BABA IS YOU, Keke should need to be four tiles to the right and two tiles down from Baba. With this method, Keke will actually end up walking into the Bog–don’t worry, he’s fine, because he isn’t YOU.) Use Baba to make KEKE HAS BABA as well as KEKE IS MOVE. Keke will walk into the door and spawn a new Baba.

Finally, in order to get over the second Bog, you need to make BABA IS MOVE, and set Baba up so they jump two tiles at once over the Bog. Make sure to use the walls to your advantage so that neither of the Babas land in the Bog.

Level 09: Walls of Gold

Push ROCK IS WIN from the left twice to the right so that WIN is up against the right Rock wall.

Now move one of the rocks up the top-left up once and push the row of rocks all the way to the side and out of the way.

Now move ROCK two squares up from YOU right at the top of the level. Then manoeuvre IS WIN to the right of ROCK so that the sentence reads ROCK IS WIN. Lastly, get the other IS and put it in between ROCK and YOU so that it reads ROCK IS YOU and because ROCK is also WIN… you win!

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Extra Level 1: Further Fields

Break BABA IS MOVE when all three Babas are not touching the edge of the screen, and before any of them cross the grass.

Now line up KEKE IS YOU so that YOU is one tile above the Flag on the other side of the Grass. One tile to the left of KEKE IS YOU, make BABA IS PUSH, and to the left of PUSH, put MOVE. Next, push the Babas so they line up behind (somewhere to the left of) the text objects, facing right. They need to be staggered – the top two Babas should be one tile to the right of the bottom one to account for Keke.

So, put Keke to the left of MOVE, and push it right, simultaneously breaking KEKE IS YOU and making BABA IS MOVE and KEKE IS PUSH. The music will stop and the game will prompt you to undo or restart, but we’re not done yet! Press A and the Babas should push Keke and all the text over to the other side, where, upon colliding with the edge of the screen, KEKE IS YOU will be remade, and you can make Keke get the Flag.

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