Baba is You Walkthrough Part 4: Forest of Fall

Baba is You Walkthrough Part 4: Forest of Fall
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Welcome to Part 4 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – Forest of Fall. There are a total of 22 levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level 01: Hop

Push the PUSH tile into the first Ice and it will teleport to the other side. Step onto the Ice yourself and the Push tile will teleport back to the left side. Take one step down and the Push tile come back to the right side, then move up once so as to push the PUSH out of the tele-ice. You’ll be teleported back over to the left side, but simply go back to the right side via teleporting.

Now head to the right side of the TELE tile and push the sentence to the left so that it is in the position shown below.

Push the PUSH tile to the left and down so that it replaces the TELE tile and the sentence now reads ICE IS PUSH.

Now we want to push the Ice on this side of the level down and over so that the Ice is one square to the left of the flag and in the water.

Go up a little and push the TELE tile up once so that sentence reads ICE IS TELE.

Walk into the Ice when the Ice isn’t filled with Water. Now that you’re over to the left section, move down once and then back up into the tele-Ice.

Take one step to the right and into the Flag.

Level 02: Grand Stream

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), the level may look slightly different. However, the solution is the same.

Head left once so that the Key is facing left, go down through the little peninsula bit between the water and push the PULL up.

Push KEY IS twice to the left, head up and push MOVE all the way down so that you spell out KEY IS MOVE.

Push that sentence twice to the right and head around the wall block so that you’re just above the MOVE text. Using the A button, wait until the key makes its way all the way to the left and back so that it is two squares down and one square to the right of the box (see picture below if that was confusing).

Once it’s there, push the MOVE text down and break the sentence (note that the Key moved once more – perfect). Now move KEY IS to the left once and push PULL down once so that the sentence is now KEY IS PULL.

Head one frame above the Key and walk upwards so that it opens the Box which contains the winning Flag.

Level 03: Rocky Road

First, push the Rock near you two tiles to the left, replacing the PUSH text in ROCK IS PUSH and forcing it one tile left.

Now move around to the left-hand side of the PUSH text and push it into the Rock object, which will teleport it to the opposite side. Now move Baba into the teleport-Rock also. The aim is to try to push the Rock on the right-hand side of the screen downward, but only when the PUSH text is overlapping the Rock on the left-hand side, otherwise you will simply teleport Baba again without pushing the Rock.

You can move against the wall to align the constantly teleporting PUSH text with Baba’s steps. You should be able to push the Rock onto the water tiles and reach the Flag.

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Level 04: Ghost Friend

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), a lot of levels have been altered, therefore the solution below may not be correct anymore. We are working hard to get this updated but if you manage to solve this one before we do, we would greatly appreciate it if you could email us the solution at We will, of course, also provide credit for your efforts.

Stand Baba to the left of the Ghost. Pull them two tiles to the left, one up, and one to the right to make them face right. Then move down two tiles to break GHOST IS PULL.

Being very careful about how far left you step (if you step too far, you won’t be able to reach the Key in a moment), push GHOST IS up to be horizontally aligned with the Ghost, with IS one tile to the left of BABA. Bring up the other IS and MOVE to make both GHOST IS MOVE and BABA IS MOVE.

Move Baba to the right four times. He will walk eight tiles and be one tile above and to the left of the KEY text. Move once down, then right, then press A until the Ghost has broken BABA IS MOVE.

Push the Key back into the main room. Make KEY IS PUSH, then push the Key into the Door and make FLAG IS WIN.

Level 05: Telephone

First, complete ICE IS TELE with the upper Baba and teleport the lower Baba into the section where the key is.

Now, taking care not to disturb the area where the other Baba is, break the KEY IS PUSH sequence with the lower Baba. Then, with the upper Baba, form BABA IS TELE by combining it vertically with BABA IS YOU.

Now, you need to coordinate both Babas the following way: Use the lower Baba to teleport the Key to the upper Baba, but only while the upper Baba is not touching a wall or tree. This can take some maneuvering. Otherwise, you won’t be able to push the Key into the Door.

After the Key is teleported, reconnect the KEY IS PUSH sequence below so you can unlock the door and reach the Flag.

Level 06: Haunt

This level uses a similar principle as Rocky Road. Start by moving the PUSH text to replace TELE, making GHOST IS PUSH. Now push one of the Ghosts up to position it one tile to the left of the LEAF text. Move the other Ghost down into the empty space between LOVE and WIN.

Now you need the Ghosts to be teleporters again, so push the TELE text back into its original position to make GHOST IS TELE. Next, position Baba in the tile one to the right of the DEFEAT text, and push it, along with LEAF IS, two tiles to the left. LEAF and IS will be caught in the teleporter, swapping around each time you move. You can now walk over the Leaf obstacle, and now it’s just a matter of timing your movements so that Baba walks onto the Heart at the same time the IS text teleports to the Ghost sitting between LOVE and WIN.

Level 07: Keep Out

First, separate the TREE text from TREE IS PULL, and move IS PULL up to BELT IS SHIFT, forming BELT IS PULL vertically underneath.

Now, pull the Belt object out from the entrance to the corridor, then move around to the other side of it and pull it through the corridor, leaving it facing right, exactly four tiles below the Fungus object. Go around and exit through the other corridor, back to BELT IS PULL.

Next, move the TREE text onto the foliage, one tile down and left of BELT, and move the PULL text one right and up, forming TREE IS PULL again, horizontally.

Now you can take the Tree with you through the corridor and across the Belt, where you will be able to bring it into the enclosure with the Fungus. Overlap the Fungus with the Tree to reveal the Flag, and pull the Tree away to access it.

Level 08: Crate Square

This level requires some precise movements. First, make a horizontal line by pulling the four Box objects, with the rightmost one alongside the Flag and a space of one tile left empty between the WIN text and the leftmost Box. Take care not to accidentally pull the Flag into the lava.

Now, put Baba in the empty tile between WIN and the first Box, and move left by one tile. You should simultaneously move the HOT, DEFEAT and WIN tiles into place and pull the Flag onto the (now tepid) lava.

You can now extract some of the Boxes to give you room to pull the Flag out of the lava.

Finally, you need to push the AND text below WIN a tile to the left in order to access the Flag and complete the level.

Level 9: Ghost Guard

A MASSIVE thank you to SonicGusAlpha who was nice enough to post a video on his on YouTube channel just to show us how to solve this one. You are amazing!

The first thing we want to do is push the Rock on top of the Key. Once that’s done, use the Leaf to teleport to where all the text is in the top-left corner. Make ROCK IS LEAF vertically on the edge of the left wall so that there is a two tile gap in between LEAF and the bottom wall. Then put IS below LEAF. Make LEAF IS PUSH horizontally and push the Leaf one tile right of the bottom-left corner. Now replace PUSH with TELE and the Key will begin bouncing from Leaf to Leaf. Push PUSH down to the bottom-left corner, making sure that you don’t push the Key into the corner instead.

Push the rightmost Leaf onto the Foliage to open up the pathway, but only push the Leaf when there is no Key on it.

Now we want to push the bottom-left Leaf through the newly formed gap, but once again, only when there is no Key on it. Once you push it up to the wall, go down and around the single Hedge tile and push the Leaf to the left into the room with the Ghost one tile up and one tile right of it. Now push the Ghost into the Key when it is on the Leaf and you did it!

Level 10: Leaf Chamber

Avoiding the Leaves, swap MOVE for PULL to make LEAF IS PULL. Extract the Leaves into an open space and make LEAF IS PUSH.

Now push one of the Leaves onto the bottom-right Foliage tile. Use the other Leaf to push the first one to the left, so it is now on the bottom-middle tile. Make LEAF IS PULL again, and put Baba underneath the middle Leaf so he can pull it down one tile, which will make it face downward.

Next, make LEAF IS MOVE. The Leaf facing down will collide with the hedge, move up to the Fungus and pull it down into the Foliage. Break LEAF IS MOVE, timed so that the Fungus is on the bottom-middle Foliage tile.

Make LEAF IS PUSH and push the other Leaf (the one that has now moved over to the far left) to the bottom right tile of the Foliage. Make LEAF IS PULL to make the Fungus be on the bottom right tile of the Foliage.

Then pull the same Leaf down once and then far out of the way. Once you’ve done that, pull the Fungus onto safe land as Fungus is also Pull. Make KEY IS PULL to move the Key out of its corner, and make KEY IS PUSH to push it into the Fungus.

Level 11: Tiny Pasture

Push Keke down one tile, then right, until it is directly underneath the upper Flag. Push Keke up into the Flag, so he teleports to the bottom one, but is still facing upward.

Now go and break the FLAG IS TELE sequence so that Keke ends up overlapping the bottom Flag, then make KEKE IS SHIFT so the Flag they are overlapping moves up one tile.

Push Keke out the way so you can get beneath the Flag, then make FLAG IS PUSH. Put one of the flags in the corner of the longer corridor at the top (the one with five dark tiles). Make FLAG IS TELE again, then go over to the WIN text and push it into the Flag.

Put Baba in the teleporter too and push WIN out of the teleporter so you are able to push it up to make FLAG IS WIN.

Level 12: Not There

Vertically, using the IS in BABA IS YOU, form FENCE IS NOT STOP.

This will cancel out the FENCE IS STOP in the upper left corner, allowing you to fetch the IS WIN text from outside. Bring it up to the right of FENCE to make FENCE IS WIN, without breaking FENCE IS NOT STOP, of course.

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Level 13: Catch

First, rearrange the text to make ROCK IS PUSH. Push one of the rocks into the Water tile three up from the BABA text.  

Go back and make NOT ROCK IS PUSH; now you can move the Water tiles around. You can’t go back the way you came though, because that tree in the corner that used to be scenery is now an obstacle. So push the rightmost Water tile down till it hits the BABA text, and one to the right for good measure.

Push as much other Water away as you can, so that there should now be an empty space of three tiles wide where the Water used to be. Make ROCK IS PUSH again and take the remaining rock and push it into the Water tile two left of the BABA text.

This will give you room to push down NOT to make NOT BABA IS, then push them right to make NOT BABA IS NOT YOU. (Ie, Baba is You.) Go down to get the Flag.

Level 14: Dead End

Take IS NOT BOX from beside FLAG, and use the NOT PUSH over to the right to form BOX IS NOT NOT PUSH, which has the same result as BOX IS PUSH.

Push the boxes into the Water to make a path to Me. Isn’t logic fun?

Level A: Literacy

A hint before I spoil the secret of this level: the WALL IS WALL text is not just an existential tautology, but is placed nearby for a reason.

First, move the Rock along the corridor so you can access the room where the TEXT text is. You can push the Rock into the wall if you like. Move TEXT back into the first room.

Now, position it below the right-hand WALL in WALL IS WALL, and push the TEXT text into it, overlapping Me with the actual wall in the process and forming WALL IS TEXT.

All the Wall tiles will become WALL texts. Also, the original WALL text and TEXT text will be crossed out. This is supposed to happen when a contradiction occurs, but I don’t understand why it happens here.

Anyway, you can now push the WALL texts out of your way to reach the Flag.

Level B: Broken Playground

First off, HUGE thanks to Cheddar Cheese (YUM!), doobee98, Kayde A and E Blaster for their help with this one! You’re all superstars!

Make FLAG IS YOU and whilst controlling the Flag, make BOX IS KEKE vertically. You will now have two Kekes.

Now replace FLAG with KEKE, making KEKE IS YOU again. You are now controlling both Kekes, so move one to the single tile of water to teleport it to the enclosure in the top-right corner.

Make FLAG IS YOU again and then KEKE IS TEXT vertically. Teleport yourself to the top-right corner and make up KEKE IS WIN.

Rearrange the text in the main area to resemble the image below, with making TEXT IS YOU the last thing you do.

Align the text with the square Wall with the tree in it so that Flag is one tile left of the bottom-right corner and push left.

Now move around so that the bottom KEKE is one tile to the right of the top-left corner of the Wall square. Push right and then use the top wall to manoeuvre KEKE up to form KEKE IS YOU.

Level C: Scenic Pond

First, use the sacred texts nearby to form TEXT HAS BABA. Now, whenever a text object is destroyed, a new Baba will be created. So push the KEKE text block straight into the small pond above you, and lo! a Baba-baby is born!

But just as text can beget Baba, so too can Baba beget text. Move TEXT HAS around and below BABA, so it now reads BABA HAS TEXT. Before doing this, you will have to separate both Babas so they don’t collide, or accidentally fall into the pond. You can do this using the edge of the fenced area.

Now that Baba is big with literary child, let one of them take a dip in the puddle in the fenced area just above the IS and FLOAT text blocks. Their sacrifice will result in BABA IS FLOAT being formed, and the weeping mother-Baba can float over the pond and the Skull of Death to join up FLAG IS WIN in the upper section.

Return unto the lower fenced area and push BABA IS FLOAT one tile down, then break the sequence by pushing the FLOAT block into the corner, whereupon you may reach the Flag and achieve salvation. Amen.

Level D: Fetching

Make KEKE IS BABA to get another Baba in the closed off area. Being careful not to accidentally kill the clone, use the original Baba to make TEXT IS HOT, then push PUSH and KEKE over the Skull and onto the Ghost, so that the Ghost disappears and one of the texts is left overlapping the Skull.

Next, make TEXT IS WEAK, and walk into the DEFEAT text in SKULL IS DEFEAT to delete it. Disconnect TEXT from TEXT IS WEAK and now you can make the Baba clone make FLAG IS WIN, and use the original Baba to walk over the Skull and get the Flag.

Level E: Skeletal Door

Push BABA IS YOU all the way to the right. Underneath BABA, put TEXT, then put PUSH under that, and push them up to make TEXT IS YOU. Walk one tile to the right to also make BABA IS PUSH.

From the left, collect Baba with the text and push him onto the very top Skull.

Now, use the PUSH text to push Baba one tile further to the right, sacrificing PUSH as it overlaps the Skull. Finally, go all the way to the left so that BABA ends up above TEXT, and go up one tile, making BABA IS YOU again. Now Baba can get the Flag.

Extra Level 1: Jump

Walk Baba into the teleporting Ice to move them to the other side of the river. Next, push ICE IS TELE to the left, until ICE IS has crossed the river, and TELE is overlapping it.

Go through the teleporter again. Now move ICE up one tile and right one, then position PUSH underneath IS to make ICE IS PUSH.

Place the nearest Ice tile on top of one of the Water tiles around the Flag, either directly above, left, or right of it (not the diagonals). Now push ICE IS PUSH up one tile, then move ICE and IS right one tile to make ICE IS TELE again.

Walk Baba onto the teleporter so that they avoid colliding with the teleporting Water tile, and walk onto the Flag.

Extra Level 2: Even Less There

You need a way of making FENCE IS WIN while Baba is already standing on the Fence, because it will require you to break FENCE IS NOT STOP in the same moment.

Start by pushing BABA IS YOU to the right as far as it will go, then vertically make FENCE IS NOT STOP, allowing you to push BABA IS YOU right one more tile.

Remake FENCE IS NOT STOP.  At this point, the YOU text should be overlapping the fence. Now bring WIN around to the right of NOT, and push it to the left to form FENCE IS WIN.

Extra Level 3: Deep Pool

Push TEXT HAS above BABA to create TEXT HAS BABA. Then push KEKE into the bottom-right tile of the Water above.

The Water will now have given the gift of another baby Baba. So whilst controlling both of them, manoeuvre TEXT HAS so that it spells BABA HAS TEXT underneath. This can be a little tricky, so be sure to use the fence in the bottom-right corner to split them up. Also be sure not to have both Babas on the same tile, you need them to be separated. Now that BABA HAS TEXT, manoeuvre one of them into the bottom-left tile of Water.

Remake TEXT HAS BABA and push the new BABA text up once into the top-left tile of Water. Remake BABA HAS TEXT and manoeuvre one of the Babas into the top-middle tile of Water. Remake TEXT HAS BABA and push the new BABA text into the top-right tile of Water. Remake BABA HAS TEXT and manoeuvre a Baba into the last remaining tile of Water, being the bottom-middle tile.

After all that repetition, all of the water has subsided and we are left with another BABA text. Move that text down and replace TEXT with it to create BABA HAS BABA.

You can now walk through the Skull and be OK because another Baba will be created in its stead. Make FLAG IS WIN and head down to the Flag to forever be done with this horrid level.

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