Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 10: Volcanic Cavern

Baba Is You Walkthrough Part 10: Volcanic Cavern
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Welcome to Part 10 of the Baba Is You walkthrough – Volcanic Cavern. There are a total of 15 levels in this area, so let’s get started…

Level 01: Mouse Hole

Make BAT IS PUSH and push the Bat over the Key to free it.

Next, form ROCK IS PUSH at the end of the corridor past the Rock, allowing you to push the Rock down and back into the main room. When pushing the text up, you want to push up each text tile individually because if you attempt to push up ROCK IS PUSH whilst it’s all connected, you won’t be able to get past the Rock.

Finally, line up the Rock and the Key so that there is a one tile gap in between them and push the BAT text in between so that when you push the Rock and BAT into the Key, the Key will swap with BAT and overlap the Rock, turning it into the Flag.

Level 02: Tour

First off, a MASSIVE thank you to @Kaynato#0001 (Discord) and ghdbs3590 for this one!

Push KEKE IS YOU as far right as it can go. Then make BABA IS YOU vertically, BABA IS KEKE vertically and KEKE IS BABA so that it looks like the image below.

… and thank you to ghdbs3590 for the screenshot!

What all that text will do is swap you between Keke and Baba with every step that you take. So as you continue, just be sure to not have Keke on Fire or Baba on Lava, so press A to wait a turn if needed.

Bring IS and FLAG up and over to WIN to make FLAG IS WIN.

Level 03: Peril At Every Turn

Make one of the Babas take the PUSH text down to where the KEKE text is, and use it to push KEKE down until it is free of its Skull enclosure, leaving PUSH stuck on top of the bottom-middle Skull.

Bring KEKE back to where BABA IS YOU is, and place it under BABA. Now use both Babas to push IS YOU down to make KEKE IS YOU (you will need to use the Wall around you in order to make sure that the Babas are next to each other).

Finally, make Keke walk into the Flag.

Level 04: Fireplace

Make KEKE IS PUSH and put Keke near the top of the room and one tile left of the text so you’ll have time to catch it as it moves down.

Now make KEKE IS SKULL and as the newly formed Skull is coming down, position Baba just underneath the SKULL text. As soon as the Skull is one tile left of the SKULL text, move left once and you’ll find yourself one tile above the Skull.

Now continually press down to stop the Skull from descending, and wait until the other skull makes FLAG IS WIN. You can now walk into the Flag to win.

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Level 05: Torn Apart

Push BABA IS GROUP right one tile, then GROUP IS YOU down one tile to make BABA IS YOU.

Now make ROCK IS GROUP, as well as GROUP IS PUSH, and now you can push the Rocks into the Lava and get the Flag.

Level 06: Vital Ingredients

First thing we want to do here is make a little bit more space for ourselves. To do this, we want to push the Bat and the Skull up the Belt so that it is in the top section and away from all the texts. BAT IS PUSH is already in motion, so push that little guy up there. Then bring SKULL across and make SKULL IS PUSH. Push the Skull up the Belt.

Now we’re going to need to do a lot of manoeuvring with the texts. The layout of the texts is going to look like stairs going up-right, so we’ll need to set it up in the right side of the bottom enclosure. Make GROUP IS OPEN and with the same GROUP, make GROUP IS PUSH. Now with one of the IS, make BAT IS GROUP and with that GROUP, make SKULL IS GROUP. If you’ve done it correctly, it should look like this…

Now head up the Belt and push both the Bat and the Skull together into the Doors so that they open. Then, walk on into that Flag.

Level 07: Backstage

A MASSIVE thank you to Paul D for their help with this one!

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), the screenshots may appear different. However, the solution remains the same.

First, push the Fire up into the top-left corner in the enclosure as shown below…


Now push the Fire so that it’s one tile left and down of BABA.

Now head back around and Push Keke into that corner.


With Keke having fallen, push him twice to the left so that he falls and is being supported by the Fire.

Now make KEKE IS MOVE and disengage it once Keke has brought BABA IS YOU across the Belt and Keke is vertically in line with the rightmost Wall tile that is protruding outwards.

Push Keke back up to that corner again and make KEKE IS FALL so that he falls onto the tile of Wall that’s sticking out upwards.

Go over there and push Keke once to the right so that he falls next to the Skull.

Push KEKE down once to make KEKE IS MOVE and he’ll push IS WIN to the side, allowing you to push FLAG down to make FLAG IS WIN.


Now that you’re controlling both Kekes, navigate the bottom one into the Flag.

Level 08: The Heist

A HUGE thank you to Paul D for their help with this one! We would have been here for ages…

Push ON up and out of the sequence so it’s just FIRE IS PUSH. Now push three of the Fire tiles well out of the way because we won’t be needing them and keep one in the Ice tile constantly teleporting (it gets a little annoying after a while, but remember that you only have to do this level once).

Rearrange the text so that it spells out TEXT ON FIRE IS FLAG, with the IS on the teleporting Ice tile. When the Fire teleports onto the text, the IS will turn into a Flag.


Teleport Baba over to the other side and use the OPEN text to push the Flag out of the tile and once more so that the OPEN tile is out.

Rearrange the everything down the bottom into Flag (object) IS OPEN, just so everything is nice and tidy.

Now teleport yourself back up and replace PUSH with TEXT in order to spell FLAG IS TEXT.

Now rearrange the top text so that it spells out TEXT IB FIRE IS FLAG, with ON being on the Ice tile. Once again when the Fire lands on the text, it’ll transform it into another Flag.

Make FLAG IS PUSH, jump back into the Ice tile teleporter and use the OPEN text again to fish out the Flag.

Remake FLAG IS OPEN and use your brand new shiny Flag to get rid of the Lava tile. Now you can walk into the Heart and be done with this cursed level!

Level 09: Join the Crew

Push ROCK into GROUP from below to make ROCK IS YOU. Use the Rocks to get the BAT text out of its room.

Now, above the GROUP you have pushed out the way, make BABA IS, and push the sequence down into ROCK, making both BABA IS GROUP and GROUP IS YOU. Finally, using the IS between BABA and GROUP, horizontally make BAT IS GROUP.

All the Bats will disappear, allowing you to get the Flag.

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Level 10: Automation

For this level, we want to create a staircase look-alike, just like we did for Level 08.

With BABA IS YOU acting as the base, put BOX one tile up from the IS in BABA IS YOU. With that BOX, make BOX IS GROUP. With the IS that you have just put there, make GROUP IS YOU so that it’s going downwards. And finally with the GROUP in BOX IS GROUP, make ME IS GROUP going downwards. Here’s what you should have…

Now that we can control Baba, Box and Me, without disconnecting anything, guide the Box up to the tile of Ice in the little enclosure (but don’t let the Box touch the Ice). Now as Baba, make your way so that it’s one tile up and one tile right the GROUP in BOX IS GROUP. Head down twice, back up once and push BOX IS GROUP to the left two tiles. Now with the BOX text, bring that up and left to make BOX IS HOT. Push the IS GROUP that was previously connected to the BOX text twice to the right so that it reconnects everything. Guide Baba into the area where the Ice and Box are and position Baba in the bottom-right corner.

Now we’re going to use Me. Guide Me down and right to push down MELT and DEFEAT so that ICE IS MELT and STATUE IS DEFEAT. Once you’ve done that, the Ice will melt, revealing the Flag and as Baba, walk into it.

Level 11: Trick Door


Push the Ghost into the TILE text to make TILE IS WALL–it’s okay, you don’t need to go back. Push the Ghost one more tile to the right, so you can push TILE and IS out of the way. Push FLAG up to make FLAG IS WIN.

Now, push the Ghost up to the single Wall block above, near the Key, and you should be able to walk over the Ghost. Finally, push the Key down onto the Ghost and get the Flag.

Level 12: Trapped

Once again, a big THANK YOU to Paul D for helping us out with this one!

I think this level just goes to show that sometimes we just shouldn’t overthink things.

First, use the Box to teleport and without facing any walls, make for the middle gap in the far-right and then up once and shown in the image below…

Now press left once and you’re now on the Wall (I know, right?!).

Head to the left so that you are right next to BELT and press up to be on that wall.


Now use the Box again, make your way into the gap like we did before but this time, we can just run straight up to the Flag.

Level 13: Tunnel

A BIG thank you to for their help with this one!

Due to the recent update (1.0.3), the screenshots below may look different. However, the solution remains the same.

Weaving down and around, make BABA IS BAT IS ROCK IS BABA in addition to BABA IS YOU, but make sure that you push BAT in to place last.

Now you’ll transform into Baba, Bat, Rock and only Baba is weak against the Skulls. Make your way down and through the gap so that all three Yous are in the little section below the tile of Lava.

Wait for the next turn of Skulls are both destroyed by the Lava and start moving upwards. Remember, when the Skulls are about to go over you, make sure that you’re not Baba.

You may lose one or two along the way, but as long as you get one of them up and through to the other side where the Heart is, you’ll be alright. Stand in the Heart and wait for Baba to take over.

Level 14: Broken Expectations

And again, a massive thank you to for their help with this level!

In this level, both BABA IS SHIFT and TEXT IS NOT PUSH. It’s a very weird combination but basically what it means is when you walk into a text tile that is up against a wall, you’ll be in the same square as the text. So what we first want to do is ‘Shift’ STOP to the left, go into IS in ROCK IS PUSH by attempting to push it downwards and then press right so that PUSH gets pushed to the right and the sentence is deactivated.

Now go back down through the STOP text and deactivate TEXT IS NOT PUSH by pushing TEXT down and to the left so that it is in the bigger open area. Head up and through the Rock (because Rock isn’t push but Baba is currently Shift) and push WIN to make FLAG IS WIN.

Now head back down and gather the text pieces that TEXT had left behind in order to recreate TEXT IS NOT PUSH one tile up from the little wall island below. Set it out so that IS NOT is just above the two Wall tiles and TEXT and PUSH are hanging off the edge.

Walk into NOT and move left so that TEXT and IS occupy the same tile space.

Just below, push the TEXT/IS between DOOR and OPEN and put the other IS to the right of it. This will simultaneously make DOOR IS OPEN and TEXT IS SHUT. Push one of the remaining text tiles into the door and the Flag will be there waiting for you.

Extra Level 1: Coronation

Position the SWAP text so it overlaps the Rock. Make ROCK IS PUSH, then TEXT IS WIN, and push SWAP/Rock downwards together so they replace the WIN text.

Now take one step downwards and you’ve won.

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