WarioWare: Get It Together! - Switch Review

"Come for a ride down the absolute chaotic roller coaster that is WarioWare."

WarioWare: Get It Together! - Switch Review
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The micro game collection that is the WarioWare franchise has been added to the Nintendo Switch with WarioWare: Get It Together!, co-developed by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. This entry attempts to shake up the formula by having a colourful cast of characters become playable, each with their own unique gameplay gimmick. Come for a ride down the absolute chaotic roller coaster that is WarioWare alongside friends and family.

The Good

As an agent of chaos, WarioWare: Get it Together! is a game that gets the adrenaline pumping as the microgames are completely bonkers, which is emphasised once the tempo increases. This is a whole lot of fun to mess around with friends as things get frantic quickly. Having the ability to play on the go though is helpful as you can get that chaotic fix in such a short burst of time. While I no longer get the chance to play games on a break anymore, back when I used to, this is a game I would be playing every single day.

Speaking of fun with friends, there is a whole slew of multiplayer modes, with almost every single mode being available to play with a friend. This extends to the story mode as well, so grab a friend for a night of fun as you make your way through with almost no consequences. As the story mode wraps up, being able to play the special modes that are available for single player and multiplayer extends the gameplay wonderfully.


  • Pure Chaotic Energy
  • Fun Multiplayer
  • Great to play on the go

The Bad

Unfortunately, with the inclusion of playable characters comes the problem of some of them feeling frustrating at best (and useless at worst). This is mostly prevalent with 5-Volt on certain levels because she just isn't fast enough to complete some of the micro games. This is most obvious when trying to complete over 40 micro games in a single run with all of the characters available, as it is a challenge within the game’s mission checklist.

There is an inclusion of a competitive ranked mode where you complete certain challenges with characters to either get the fastest time or the highest score. This helps players have a reason to return on a regular basis, however you have an advantage if you’ve invested in leveling up your characters with gifts. This feels difficult for players who are new to make an impact on the charts, which will ultimately leave them falling further behind. On the upside though, there is a level cap which isn’t too difficult to achieve for a single character and yet for every character, it will take some time.


  • Some characters feel frustrating
  • Characters have levels for ranked mode

Final Score: 9/10

As expected from a first party Nintendo title, WarioWare: Get It Together! is a solid title for the library of any switch owner, especially when you have friends over. While the addition of playable characters does impose some minor issues, it overall allows for a lot of flexibility in game modes while also developing their personalities a bit more.

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