The bushfires currently blazing in Australia has been devastating and with us being based in Australia ourselves, we’ve seen the terrible repercussions of this happening all around us. With a majority of the Australian nation unhappy with the efforts (or lack thereof) from the Australian government (that’s all I’m going to say on that), other means have been set across the globe to assist during this terrible time.

Video games may seem like just a hobby to some, but to others, it can be a way of life with the power to do incredible things. Twitter user @JacobJanerka has reached out asking for contacts at Humble Bundle to try to start a Humble Bundle with proceeds going towards the Australian Bushfire Crisis.

While not being able to do much on our end seeing how we don’t develop video games, we hope that even just this article can help in any way, shape or form to get this idea off the ground and spread the word.

And on the chance that this doesn’t happen, you can always donate to the appeal directly.

Stay safe!