Top 30 Indie Games for Nintendo Switch (February 2018)

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Finished Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey and not sure what to play?

Don’t want to spend another $60 on your next adventure?

Well luckily, the Nintendo Switch has a long list of truly amazing indie games that won’t break the bank. Nintendo have gone on record saying that they treat indie games the same as they would AAA titles, and the support that they’ve shown is testament to that.

So instead of sifting through that eShop, we’ve made a list of 30 fantastic indie titles that simply must be played by any gaming enthusiast (as of February 23rd, 2018).

We wanted to provide a bit of variety in this list, so you’ll see everything from platformers, to RPGs, to puzzle games. As this is a top 30 list, that unfortunately means that we had to cut a few from the roster (I know, it broke our hearts as well). So if your favorite game isn’t on here, then feel free to yell at us in the comments.


Note: All prices are in USD.


30. Tumbleseed

Price $14.99

Developed By Team TumbleSeed

Published By aeiowu

Genre Action / Adventure

Required Space 706 MB

Players 1 – 2

This game is an anxiety-inducing experience that simply must be played to appreciate. The goal is to balance a seed on a tightrope as you avoid obstacles and pitfalls. The sheer uniqueness of Tumbleseed, along with its colorful art style, certainly makes it stand out amongst the ever-growing list of indie titles on the Switch.


29. Xeodrifter

Price $9.99

Developed By Renegade Kid

Published By Atooi

Genre Platformer / Action / Adventure

Required Space 84.0 MB

Players 1

Originally released in 2014, Xeodrifter is a 2D action platformer following a nomad on a quest of exploration. This indie game shines in its simplicity, travelling from planet-to-planet defeating hostile enemies and upgrading your gear.


28. Kamiko

Price $4.99

Published By Flyhigh Works

Genre Action / Arcade

Required Space 112 MB

Players 1

This game is for when your grandparents don’t know what to give you for your birthday, and your parents tell them that you would like a game for your “Nintendo”, but they have no clue when it comes to games so they give you an eShop card. After you use that card to buy an expensive game, what are you going to do with the remaining $5? You buy Kamiko, of course! This indie darling is similar to topdown Legend of Zelda games with an arcade twist. Battle demons, solve puzzles and break all the seals to face off against various stage bosses.


27. Thumper

Price $19.99

Published By Drool LLC

Genre Action / Music / Arcade

Required Space 697 MB

Players 1

As soon as you boot this one up, you’ll realise that Thumper sets out to purely overstimulate your senses. It’s a rhythm game that requires your unwavering attention with its original fast-tempo tracks and reflex-testing obstacles.

26. Graceful Explosion Machine

Price $12.99

Developed By Vertex Pop

Published By Vertex Pop

Genre Action / Arcade / Shooter

Required Space 319 MB

Players 1

This shoot ‘em up indie game has you controlling the GEM fighter in order to blast your way through alien worlds. Collect jewels for high scores and feel every shot with HD Rumble to be truly engrossed in this wacky arcade shooter.


25. Gorogoa

Price $14.99

Developed By Buried Signal

Published By Annapurna Interactive

Genre Puzzle / Adventure

Required Space 1.7 GB

Players 1

The last two games on this list were very intense, so why not bring it down a little with a nice relaxing puzzle game? With stunning hand drawn artwork, and a beautiful soundtrack to match, Gorogoa will captivate you with its uniquely imaginative puzzles and touching storytelling.


24. Thimbleweed Park

Price $19.99

Developed By Terrible Toybox, Inc.

Published By Terrible Toybox

Genre Adventure / Puzzle

Required Space 1.3 GB

Players 1

From the creators of the phenomenon Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick have made another masterpiece with Thimbleweed Park. This game takes place in a town of the same name and is set in neo-noir 1987. Play as five characters, all trying to uncover mysteries of murder and terror. With serious themes coupled alongside witty humour, this indie gem will bring out a range of emotions as it encapsulates the magical storytelling that Gilbert and Winnick are known for.


23. Mighty Gunvolt Burst

Price $9.99



Genre Action / Platformer

Required Space 55.0 MB

Players 1

Remember Beck? You know, the main character from that Kickstarter game Mighty No. 9. Well, guess what? He’s actually in a good game this time! Yes, Mighty Gunvolt Burst combines Beck with the Azure Striker Gunvolt series to make a classic style Megamanesque 2D action platformer.


22. Fast RMX

Price $19.99

Developed By Shin’en

Published By Shin’en

Genre Racing / Action / Arcade

Required Space 908 MB

Players 1 – 4

Players (Local / Online) 2 – 8

Some of you may have played Fast Racing Neo on the Wii U. If so, then this game might seem a little familiar. Fast Racing RMX combines fast action-packed racing with futuristic graphics and smooth controls. Even though fans have been screaming for a new F-Zero game for well over a decade now, at least we have this indie gem to tie us over.


21. Severed

Price $14.99

Developed By DrinkBox Studios

Published By DrinkBox Studios

Genre Action / RPG

Required Space 148 MB

Players 1

Developed by the same company that brought us Guacamelee, Severed utilizes their iconic artstyle with a unique gameplay twist. Use touch screen controls to slash at enemies with precision and timing. This first-person dungeon crawler is bursting with personality and is definitely one to consider if you like to play the Switch in handheld mode.

20. The Escapists 2

Price $19.99

Published By Team17 Digital Ltd.

Genre RPG / Simulation / Strategy

Required Space 1.6 GB

Players 1 – 2

Players (Online) 2 – 4

This sequel to The Escapists has you attempting to bust out from a bigger prison with multiple floors, roofs, vents and underground tunnels. Whether you’re working together with a friend in split-screen co-op, or trying to compete against each other, The Escapists 2 is the perfect fit on Nintendo Switch.


19. Night in the Woods

Price $19.99

Developed By Infinite Fall

Published By Finji

Genre Adventure / Platformer

Required Space 6.3 GB

Players 1

Night in the Woods may seem cute and fluffy with its stylistic design, but it contains more mature themes than you’d initially expect. This game brings up everyday issues of local businesses and the pressures of adulthood. Explore a vibrant world and talk to the furry residents to reveal some truly deep and emotional moments.


18. Poi: Explorer Edition

Price $29.99

Developed By PolyKid, LLC

Published By PolyKid

Genre Platformer / Adventure

Required Space 1.0 GB

Players 1

For those who grew up in the golden age of 3D platformers, this game will surely tickle that nostalgia bone. Poi is an ambitious title that takes inspiration from classic Super Mario and Banjo-Kazooie games on the Nintendo 64. Embark on a grand adventure across many worlds, and don’t forget to pick up  many collectibles along the way!

If you’d like to know more about this game, then click here to read our review of Poi.


17. Darkest Dungeon

Price $24.99

Developed By Red Hook Studios

Published By Red Hook Studios

Genre RPG / Strategy / Adventure

Required Space 2.4 GB

Players 1

With its unique presentation and sombre setting, Darkest Dungeon is a strategy RPG that you won’t be able to put down! Not only do you battle monsters in front of beautifully animated backdrops, but you also battle with each character’s inner turmoils. With this unique system and engaging turn-based mechanics, this indie gem is certainly one to pick up for any RPG fan.


16. Blaster Master Zero

Price $9.99



Genre Action / Adventure / Shooter

Required Space 331 MB

Players 1 – 2

With the return of a classic NES platforming series, Blaster Master Zero fits right at home on the Nintendo Switch. Go back and forth between side-scrolling 2D and topdown areas to experience the best that this unforgotten era has to offer.

15. Enter the Gungeon

Price $14.99

Developed By Dodge Roll

Published By Devolver Digital

Genre Action / Adventure / Arcade

Required Space 362 MB

Players 1 – 2

Enter the Gungeon is a unique dungeon crawler that pits you against hordes of enemies and big baddies in order to find the gun that can kill the past. With seven heroes to choose from and an array of guns to fight with, you’ll be gunning down enemies for hours on end!


14. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

Price $26.79

Published By DotEmu

Genre Adventure / Action / Platformer / Other

Required Space 889 MB

Players 1

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a wonderful recreation of the classic Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap (basically the same name) on the Sega Master System. This indie darling features beautiful recreations of its artwork and music, with the ability to go back to the old retro style on a whim. Play as a boy (or as a girl in this remake) who gets inflicted with curses that transforms him/her into various animals, each with their own unique abilities. This remake is a love letter to retro gaming and a gift to fans of simpler times.


13. Yooka-Laylee

Price $39.99

Developed By Playtonic Games

Published By Team17 Digital Ltd

Genre Platformer / Adventure / Action

Required Space 5.3 GB

Players 1 – 4

Want some more 3D platforming goodness? Then look no further than Yooka-Laylee! From a team largely built on many ex-Rare employees, Playtonic Games brings us a beautiful 3D platformer in the same vein as Banjo-Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. With the soundtrack composed by Grant Kirkhope himself, you’ll feel just like a kid again collecting pagies and fast-forwarding through those dialogue grunts and squawks.


12. SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition

Price $19.99

Developed By Image & Form International AB

Published By Image & Form International AB

Genre Action / Strategy / Shooter / RPG

Required Space 192 MB

Players 1

SteamWorld Heist is a very unique strategy shooter from the creators of the SteamWorld Dig series. Play as robot space pirates as they travel from ship to ship in epic tactical shootouts. In similar Wormslike fashion, battle it out in 2D spaces and shoot your opponents whilst achieving the mission’s goal. And don’t forget, some of your bullets can ricochet off walls, so be sure to use that to your advantage!


11. The Jackbox Party Pack 3

Price $24.99

Developed By Jackbox Games

Published By Jackbox Games

Genre Party

Required Space 1.5 GB

Players 1 – 8

The Jackbox Party Pack series is the ULTIMATE party game franchise (except for perhaps Mario Party)! Whilst all four titles in the series are a lot of fun, we feel as though the third installment contains the most innovative and unique games. Join in on your smart device and laugh at the hilarity that ensues from those around you.


10. Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out Together!

Price $29.99

Developed By SFB Games

Published By Nintendo

Genre Puzzle / Action / Multiplayer

Required Space 1.8 GB

Players 1 – 4

Snipperclips: Cut it out Together was a launch title for the Nintendo Switch and perfectly utilizes the instant two-player fun that you can have with the Joy-Cons. Work together to cut each other into various shapes so that you can solve some of the creative puzzles that this game has to offer. Despite having to say some pretty strange stuff that can easily be taken out of context, the game is innocent fun with colorful graphics and light-hearted gaming goodness… unless you get frustrated easily.

9. Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Price $14.99

Developed By Castle Pixel

Published By FDG Entertainment

Genre Action / Adventure / RPG / Platformer

Required Space 391 MB

Players 1

So I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Nintendo Switch owners probably like a little series known as Legend of Zelda. Am I right? At launch, the Switch was graced with a beautiful 3D open world Zelda game called Breath of the Wild, but for those who wish to scratch that 2D Zelda itch, this is the game for you! Play as Lily as you traverse dungeons, solve puzzles and defeat bosses in order to awaken the king and stop his evil wizard brother from taking over the Kingdom of Blossom.

If you’d like to know more about this game, then click here to read our review of Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King.

8. Axiom Verge

Price $19.99

Developed By Thomas Happ Games LLC

Published By Thomas Happ Games

Genre Adventure / Action / Platformer

Required Space 209 MB

Players 1

Hungry for a new 2D Metroid game this isn’t just a remake? Well, this is the answer! Axiom Verge is clearly inspired by the space bounty hunter we all know and love with graphics that are reminiscent of the SNES iteration. Some consider this indie title as the new Metroid game that we’ve been clambering for for years.


7. Golf Story

Price $14.99

Developed By Sidebar Games

Published By Sidebar Games

Genre Adventure / RPG / Sports

Required Space 1.2 GB

Players 1 – 2

Love golf? Love stories? Well, why not combine the two? This charming little golf game combines the popular sport with RPG mechanics, alongside charming visuals and excellent storytelling. With it’s classic 16-bit art style and precise golfing mechanics, this Switch exclusive is simply a treat to play.


6. Overcooked: Special Edition

Price $19.99

Published By Team17 Digital Ltd

Genre Party / Strategy / Communication / Simulation

Required Space 979 MB

Players 1 – 4

Warning: Do not play this game if you are prone to stress! This frantic co-op cooking game will have you screaming at your friends and family, yelling things like: “the kitchen is on fire!” or “who dropped this plate on the floor?!”. The fun and challenging gameplay is wholly unique with frantic action that you’d expect in any restaurant’s kitchen. However, Overcooked will reveal a whole new side of your loved ones, so you have been warned.

5. Stardew Valley

Price $14.99

Developed By ConcernedApe

Published By Chucklefish LTD

Genre RPG / Simulation

Required Space 914 MB

Players 1

Inspired by classic farming simulators such as the Harvest Moon series, Stardew Valley perfects the beloved simulation genre. Build a thriving farm, court townsfolk, mine gems, fish and craft your own story. This indie gem fits right at home on the Nintendo Switch, with the ability to craft your own farming life wherever you go.


4. SteamWorld Dig 2

Price $19.99

Developed By Image & Form International AB

Published By Image & Form International AB

Genre Action / Platformer / Adventure / Puzzle

Required Space 246 MB

Players 1

This sequel to Image & Form’s breakout hit SteamWorld Dig follows Dorothy and her mysterious wise-cracking companion in search of her friend Rusty (the protagonist of the original game). Dig down into the depths of the earth’s core, craft your own path and collect jewels in order to upgrade your gear and abilities.


3. Rocket League

Price $19.99

Developed By Psyonix

Published By Psyonix

Genre Sports / Racing / Action

Required Space 6.8 GB

Players 1 – 4

Players (Online / Local) 1 – 8

The car-soccer phenomenon has come to the Switch and Nintendo made sure that we all knew about it at E3 2017. This addictive game is a perfect addition to Nintendo’s online gaming library, and you can also get a Mario and Luigi hat for your cars… how cute is that!


2. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Price $24.99

Developed By Yacht Club Games

Published By Yacht Club Games

Genre Action / Adventure / Platformer

Required Space 188 MB

Players 1 – 2

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is the best value for money, with three full campaigns each packed with their own unique story and campaign. This 8-bit retro inspired platformer feels like it was ripped straight out of the 80s, but with perfectly precise controls and truly fantastic chip-tune music. Any day now we should hear news of a concrete release date for the fourth and final campaign, King of Cards, which will be free to all those who purchase Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.



1. Celeste

Price $19.99

Developed By Matt Makes Games Inc.

Published By Matt Makes Games Inc.

Genre Action / Adventure / Platformer

Required Space 1.2 GB

Players 1

Celeste is a tough-as-nails platformer that follows Madeline, a young girl on a journey to climb a mountain that tests both her physical and mental strength. Each individual frame contains expertly crafted platforming sections that follows a trek to overcome Madeline’s more pragmatic side that continuously gets in her way.

If you’d like to know more about this game, then click here to read our review of Celeste.


All of these indie darlings are amazing fits on the Nintendo Switch and are perfect games to play in between the Marios and the Zeldas. No doubt we have left out some of your favorites, so if you’re just bursting with rage and just want to scream “Why didn’t you include this game?!”, then let us know what that game is in the comments below.


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