THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME? A bizarre new meme from Xenoblade Chronicles 2

THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME? A bizarre new meme from Xenoblade Chronicles 2
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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has recently hit the #1 charts for multiple countries on the Nintendo Store, due to its fantastic sales welcoming both old and new fans alike. However, if you surfed the web looking for things about Xenoblade, you’ll find that there’s a bizarre new phrase that seems to pop up repeatedly.

THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME? – Ardanian Soldier

No. I really can’t take you…

This inside joke refers to a hilariously unfortunate consequence of having limited audio clips for voice characters during battle. In the English dub, during a battle you will hear characters verbalise their every move – from Pyra emphatically launching a “Prominence Revolt!” to Rex’s “Anchor Shot!”

But this doesn’t only happen for Xenoblade’s protagonists – the enemy characters verbalise their own battlecries, too. Repeatedly. And often.

Facing Ardanian Soldiers later on in the game, these battle cries become strangely misplaced, as the soldiers repeatedly scream “REMEMBER ME” and “THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME?”, often uttering these phrases several times within a few seconds. They even interrupt their own battle cries midway to start a new battle cry, leading to non-sensical amalgamations like THINK YOU REMEMBER THINK YOU CAN TAKE THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME? and such.

This is compounded by the fact that there are many times where you will fight 8 frenetic soldiers at once, with overlapping THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME cries interweaving with each other in what is the most perverse orchestra you could ever imagine.

This has spawned a fresh new Xenoblade meme. To capture some of the most popular recent posts on Reddit:

This is currently a viral Xenoblade post. For some reason.

You’re never safe from DON’T FORGET ME.

Honestly, they’re everywhere.

It’s gotten so bad that Ardanian Soldiers cannot be escaped, even on Tinder.

My most recent Tinder match.


Take me to Elysium now, because at current, this world is clearly doomed as is.