The Nintendo Switch continues to sell like hotcakes; so much so that it has now outsold another beloved Nintendo console of the past – the Nintendo 64.

Just now, Nintendo revealed their sales numbers for the end of this year’s fiscal year. Here they are:

  • Switch quarter sales: 2.46 million
  • Switch fiscal year sales: 16.95 million
  • Switch lifetime sales: 34.74 million
  • Switch FY3/19 forecast: 17.0 million
  • Switch FY3/20 forecast: 18.0 million
  • Switch software quarter sales: 23.91 million
  • Switch software fiscal year sales: 118.55 million
  • Switch software lifetime sales: 187.52 million
  • Switch FY3/19 software forecast: 110.0 million
  • Switch FY3/20 software forecast: 125.0 million

As shown above, the Nintendo Switch has sold 34.74 million units over the two years on the market; Whereas in its lifetime, the Nintendo 64 sold a total of 32.93 million units over the six years on the market.