The Messenger - Mask Pieces Locations Guide (Voodkin Shore)

The Messenger - Mask Pieces Locations Guide (Voodkin Shore)
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Throughout The Messenger’s Picnic Panic DLC, you can collect Mask Pieces in order to make something special. You’ll find five of these piece scattered throughout Voodkin Shore and another in Fire Mountain. Here they are in Voodkin Shore:

Mask Piece #1

From the beginning of the level, jump to the left into the water.

Make your way through the path and get to the bottom-left section where there are some shards leading downwards.

Go through the gap in the wall and proceed all the way to the right, up a little and to the left to get up to the first piece.

Mask Piece #2

Continue through the lanterns and climb up the right side of the middle pillar.

Use your rope dart from the hoop across to the lantern and cling onto the wall to make your way up.

Follow this linear path all the way to the left to grab that Mask Piece up the top.

Mask Piece #3

From the Tiki Shop, jump and cling onto the wall above and move up.

The aim for this one is to use your rope dart on the lanterns and enemies to make your way up to the top.

If you’re struggling to reach the third enemy on the left, you can use the projectiles that they throw at you to strike and give yourself another jump.

Once you’ve figured that out, you can make it up to the top to grab that Mask Piece.

Mask Piece #4

From here, make your way across the spikes, up a frame and drop down through the portal.

Make your way back to the frame shown in the map above and now, you’ll be able to drop through the platform in the bottom-left corner.

By striking the wheels, set up the corner pieces so they are as shown below.

Jump into the conveyor room thing and follow it through to the water, allowing you to grab that Mask Piece.

Mask Piece #5

Whilst still in 16 bit from Mask Piece #4, you can also go and grab #5. To do this, head back to this frame, jump and climb the wall up a frame…

Jump onto the stack of phobekin creatures and keep striking them down until only three remain. Then jump onto them and duck down.

Continue along this linear path, using your rope dart on lanterns and hoops to pull yourself across. When you head down, do the same to the right and grab that last piece!