Throughout The Messenger’s Picnic Panic DLC, you can collect Mask Pieces in order to make something special. You’ll find five of these piece scattered throughout Voodkin Shore and another in Fire Mountain. Here they are in Fire Mountain:

Mask Piece #1

From the Tiki Shop, jump and cling to the wall in the top-right corner and climb up.

Use the lanterns to move up and over to the right and drop down to enter the cave.

In here, jump and glide to the right and when you get to the little devils with the spears, use your rope dart to pull yourself onto the platforms. You can’t stay there long though as they will fall beneath you pretty quickly.

Use the swinging lanterns to get up to the top row and use the stack of… things… to get over to what you’re looking for.

Mask Piece #2

From the Tiki Shop, jump and cling to the wall in the top-right corner and climb up.

Use to rope dart on the hoop and get there in time to jump onto and ride the bird to the far left.

Get to the end and climb up the wall. Then use the lantern to get up to the opening in the top-left.

Jump from one bird to the next and ride them to the wall to the far left.

Climb up there and as soon as you get to the next frame, you’ll want to quickly kick off and rope dart from one bird to the next until you can manage to stand on a bird. Make it to the end and grab the mask piece.

Mask Piece #3

From the map position shown above, head through the top-right exit. Make your way up and through the portal from above.

Head back to the previous frame and now you’ll be able to go through the top-left exit.

Ride the birds all the way to the other side.

From here, you’ll need to jump, strike and rope dart your way from one lantern to the other throughout the linear path. You’ll need to go up, left and back down to get to the Mask Piece.

Mask Piece #4

From this frame, jump and cling onto the wall in the top-left corner above the cave entrance.

Climb as far as the left wall will go and jump onto the bottom bird as soon as you can.

Strike the topmost bird and jump to give yourself and extra boost upwards.

Float over to the next lot of birds and rope dart to the bottom one.

Strike and jump your way up to the top where the Mask Piece is.

Mask Piece #5

In the area shown above, go through the portal at the very top to turn it into 8 bit.

Then use the top lantern to strike and jump as high as you can to the top-right in order to use the rope dart on the wall to cling to it.

This last Mask Piece is absolutely the most difficult one to obtain. In order to get it, you’ll need to strike all three turning wheels from left to right, get up to the top via the top-right thin entrance and rope dart your way across to the far left before all of the doors close.

Throughout multiple attempts, I found that the easiest way to do this is to strike the far-left wheel from the right side of it. Then, immediately rope dart to the middle wheel to strike it as well.

Once that’s done, slash and jump your way up to the right wheel to open the right door, quickly move up to the far right and rope dart as quick as you can to the far left. This will take many attempts, so try not to be too discouraged – you’ll get it!