This certainly isn’t the first rumbling of a Legend of Zelda TV series and I doubt it will be the last. This time around, the franchise has been listed as a TV series on IMDb, a website database that contains bio information on TV shows, movies and those involved.

Here’s the supposed description:

Season 1 will be based on “Ocarina Of Time” and “Majora’s Mask”. Season 2 will be based on “Link To The Past”, “Link’s Awakening” and “Link Between Worlds”. Season 3 will be based on “Wind Waker”, “Phantom Hourglass” and “Spirit Tracks”.

Season 1 will be done in an art style like Netflix’s “Castlevania”. Season 2 will be done in Ralph Bakshi-esque art style. Season 3 will be done in a Studio Ghibli art style.

Now obviously, you could say that anyone could just put that up there, but the IMDb submission rules have some prerequisites:

In all cases, to help us verify that this title is in active development we require working direct link(s) to a third party site in the “miscellaneous links” section of the new title form. For example, something from a recognized industry source (Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, Screendaily etc.).

After this it becomes all hearsay, but I choose to remain optimistic. Nothing has been officially announced or hinted at, but we’ll be sure to provide updates when/if there are any.