The Chances of a Skies of Arcadia Sequel May Still be a Possibility

The Chances of a Skies of Arcadia Sequel May Still be a Possibility
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Back in the year 2000, the Skies of Arcadia graced the Sega Dreamcast and NSYNC had just released Bye Bye Bye. So what are the chances of a sequel? Skies of Arcadia… not a followup to Bye Bye Bye? Well, apparently not as impossible as it may seem.

In an April 2019 interview with Kotaku, series producer Rieko Kodama dashed our hopes and dreams aside when she said this in response to a question regarding a Skies of Arcadia sequel:

I personally feel that [the GameCube’s] Skies of Arcadia Legends completed the “director’s cut” of the title. But I am honored when fans of the game who have become game developers themselves express interest in creating a sequel. It makes me happy to think of its legacy being passed on in this way.

However, not all that were involved feel the same way as Kenji Hiruta, one of the main developers of the original, had this to say about a Skies of Arcadia sequel:

The Tweet has since gained a lot of traction and fan outcry has increased with their hopes and dreams of one day revisiting this classic Sega franchise.