The Best and Worst Octopath Traveler Items

The Best and Worst Octopath Traveler Items
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Beyond the weapons that you use in battle, it quickly become important to understand the items that you will collect after battle as well as through trading with merchants and other characters.

Some of these items can be useful for healing and reviving, while other items will serve you best by selling them in order to buy other items. We will go over both, as well as what you should keep in your arsenal at all times.

Useful Healing Items To Keep

  • Healing Grape- the healing grape is one of the first items that you will encounter, and one of the items that you will use the most, so keep between 5 to 10 in stock at all times as backup, as you never know when you will encounter a surprisingly difficult enemy. Additionally, this is not a hard to find item, nor is it very expensive. This item will restore one of your ally’s (or yourself) with some of your HP.
  • Inspiriting Plum- this is a good one to keep in your stock as well, particularly if you have a character that you use frequently for attacks that sucks down a lot of SP. This will give one of your ally’s (or yourself) some of their SP back.
  • Inspiriting Plum Basket- this is particularly nice to have going into a battle with a boss, as this will allow you to restore some of the SP back to each of your activated characters.
  • Refreshing Jam- It’s a good idea to have at least one of these in your stock at all times, particularly going into a difficult battle and/or if you have not discovered a strong healer character (check out our article on different jobs in the Octopath Universe!). This item allows you to restore both HP and SP levels to one of your ally’s (or yourself).
  • Olive of Life- This is an important one to have during a long and particularly difficult battle, such as a boss battle, in which your enemy may be able to deal large amounts of damage quickly. This item will allow you to revive an ally if they have completely run out of HP and give them some of their HP back.
  • Olive of Life (M)- The same as the original olive of life, but this item will give your ally back even more HP.
  • Herb of Clamor- the more difficult your enemies become, the more ailments they inflict on you. This herb will remove the ailment of silence from one your allies.
  • Herb of Clarity- This will heal one of your allies from the ailment of confusion.
  • Herb of Light- This will heal one of your allies from the ailment of darkness.
  • Herb of Awakening- This will heal one of your allies from the ailment of sleeping.

The SoulStones

The soulstones are a little bit different than the other items mentioned above, as these are the only items that do not heal your team, but it damages your enemies. These items will deal damage to every foe you are encountering, which makes them particularly useful if you find yourself suddenly in battle with travelers who have not skilled up significantly in battle. Since you will not know the weaknesses of bosses and some of your other higher level does, if you can find these SoulStones, it doesn’t hurt to keep one of each of these in your arsenal.

  • Ice Soulstone- As the name suggests, inflicts ice damage
  • Shadow Soulstone- inflicts dark damage
  • Fire Soulstone- inflicts fire damage
  • Wind Soulstone- inflicts wind damage
  • Thunder Soulstone- inflicts lightning damage
  • Light Soulstone- inflicts light damage

Less Than Useful Items

There are items that you will encounter that seem like they might not be super useful, and you’re probably right. The biggest benefit of finding these items will actually be what you are able to sell them for.

  • Dirty Ball of Cloth- 2 Gold
  • Weathered Boots- 5 Gold
  • Empty Coin Pouch- 15 Gold
  • Small Cup- 200 Gold
  • Large Feather- 200 Gold
  • Copper Lantern- 600 Gold
  • Odds and Ends- 700 Gold
  • Old Coin- 1,500 Gold
  • Silver Filled Pouch- 8,000 Gold