Super Magbot - Switch Review

"There is a lot to love about Super Magbot"

Super Magbot - Switch Review
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Platformers that don't have a standard jump mechanic are becoming increasingly popular as of late and Super Magbot attempts this in a very unique way. Here, you play as Magbot who has the daunting task of saving the galaxy as he travels to different planets and proceeds by using his special Magnetic Force ability. With the colour blue being tied to the ZL trigger and the colour red to ZR, Magbot must interact with platforms by repelling and attracting himself to said coloured platforms. The platforming is something to get used to but with perseverance and persistence, you may well be able to save the system of Magnetia.

The Good

Super Magbot's controls is buttery-smooth, which is important for any puzzle platformer. This is because in this specific genre, the challenge is in the puzzles and if the platforming isn't up to snuff, the puzzles then become infuriating. Thankfully, this is not an issue here and Super Magbot excels in this department.

The red-blue puzzle mechanic is wonderfully clever and creates a gameplay experience that is certainly unique. Platformers without a jump mechanic usually have an odd twist to them and with Super Magbot, the concept of magnetic pull is simply ingenious.

With most levels being beatable within under 10 seconds (if you're good enough), Super Magbot is perfect for speedrunners. Your first attempt at a new level may result in an exorbitant amount of deaths alongside careful decision making but if you put in the effort and learn to perfect it, you could become a whiz at them... I definitely won't, but YOU could. In addition, there are collectibles in each level that adds that extra bit of challenge - they're cool and sparkly, of course you have to get them!

The world and characters are wonderfully charming and while the dialogue may come across as corny now and then, it's still a treat to read through. The plot is not deep (at all) but it doesn't need to be in this case, it merely serves as a backdrop to the awesome magnet-based platforming.


  • Smooth platforming
  • Clever red-blue magnet-based platforming
  • A treat for speedrunners
  • Cute world and characters

The Bad

Despite the magnet-based platforming being a unique mechanic, it most certainly won't be everyone's cup of tea. If you're not one who can simultaneously pat their head and rub their belly (and then alternate on a whim), you may find a similarly frustrating experience here.


  • Feels like simultaneously patting your head and rubbing your belly.

Final Score: 8/10

There is a lot to love about Super Magbot, from its unique magnet-based platforming mechanic to its colourful worlds and aesthetics. While the attract-repel mechanic may be tricky to wrap your head around at first, the game takes the concept and runs with it in fantastic ways that may well surprise you. Team17 publish some fantastic indie gems and once again, they've knocked it out the park with Astral Pixel's Super Magbot.

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