Super Holobunnies: Pause Cafe - Switch Review (Quick)

Super Holobunnies: Pause Cafe - Switch Review (Quick)
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The opening screen gave me hope that this game would be good. It’s pixelated bunnies with a sci-fi twist, how could it not be awesome? Sadly the title screen was nearly as good as it got for Super Holobunnies, as ⅔ of the game’s content is utterly dreadful and soulless. The polished graphics seem to be where the majority of the work went, which is never indicative of a good game.


  • Cute pixelated graphics
  • Music is whimsical and zany
  • Satisfying boss battles

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  • Lacking in content
  • Frustrating mechanics
  • Bland co-op
  • Too many instant deaths
  • Crashes more frequently than a game this simple should
  • Extremely limited replay value

Final Score: 25%

The only good thing about Super Holobunnies‘ gameplay are the boss battles. These are challenging and satisfying, but are the only part of the game that feels polished at all. Alas, these are also fatally flawed: there are only three and all three of them can be beaten in under half an hour fairly easily. The rest of the gameplay is irreparably marred by wonky mechanics and a general lack of fun. Put it all together and what you’re left with is a game you’ll likely play for 20 minutes and then never feel compelled to touch ever again.

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