stitch. - Switch Review

"Will be a favourite for anyone who loves puzzlers."

stitch. - Switch Review
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stitch. is a casual puzzle game on the Nintendo Switch that is easy to pick up and play. With well over 100 elaborate embroidery puzzles to complete, you will be hard pressed not to fall head over heels in love with this simple concept. 

The Good

Wow, where to start with stitch. for the Nintendo Switch (I didn't mean to make that rhyme). This game has really impressed me with its beautiful embroidery, simple controls, and rich wealth of content. After seeing the game on the Indie World showcase, it really struck a chord with me as I love a good puzzler, especially on the Switch. stitch. really makes a good first impression, with a very simple concept that has been turned into an engaging gameplay loop.

stitch. comes with 100+ unique puzzles in a variety of sizes, from XS to XXXL. The smaller puzzles are pretty easy to get through, while the larger puzzles are broken up into smaller chunks, making progression easier. 

When it comes down to it, stitch. is all about numbers, pattern recognition and a keen eye to fill in each cell in the correct order to complete it. For example, when you're starting a new puzzle, you’ll need to complete a series of cells that are within a grid. These cells, once filled, will make a part of a larger picture. Each cell has a selection of numbers in it and every time you complete a line or cell, it is called a hoop. Simply drag your cursor across the required number of spaces to fill that cell. E.g., “six” would be six spaces, “two” would be two spaces, etc. Pretty simple stuff… 

And while it is, there are other numbers on the grid that require the same process. But there’s a specific way to complete the pattern and move on to the next lot of cells. That’s where the puzzle element comes in, trying to complete each cell in the correct pattern to complete the full picture. It is a very simple idea executed perfectly in stitch. with very easy controls that are pretty fluid to use. I found the process of completing puzzles effortless and a great way to relax after a hard day's work. The game reminds me of games like Picross, PictoQuest, Murder by Numbers, and while the core gameplay is different, there are some similarities.   

You also have the ability to use hints if you become stuck and each puzzle can be completed in sections which is appreciated and you're allowed to step away at any time for a break with no penalties, which is a huge help to stop the game becoming too tedious or time consuming. There are multiple categories to pick from when selecting a new puzzle, from retro puzzles to brain twisters, objects, marathon, ranked etc. Each one completed is a beautifully crafted embroidery, bringing the world of hand stitched art to life. Everything about the game's presentation is clean and subtle, and you can tell a lot of love and attention to detail has gone into making the game's UI and its puzzles.

Another great feature is the weekly puzzles, which are limited edition content, allowing you to discover new content every seven days. These range from events around the world to more challenging and larger hoops to complete. There are even daily SHIKAKU PUZZLES, which will really test you problem solving skills, as these puzzles come with no hints and sometimes a strict time limit ups the challenge. I loved these extra inclusions, as there was always a reason to check back to see what was new. There’s even unlockable hoops to play after completing challenges (which can be viewed in the top left hand corner). These allow you to earn EXP and level-up allowing you to unlock more new content.

Finally, there's a section at the bottom of the screen mentioning DLC offerings. While there is nothing on eShop at the moment, the excitement of more content to come makes stitch. worth sticking around with.


  • 100+ puzzles to complete
  • Multiple categories 
  • Weekly and daily puzzles
  • Future content

The Bad

While music in stitch is very relaxing, I did get a little worn out listening to what felt like the same type of music on a constant loop for some of the bigger puzzles. While there are different tracks, the music is very similar, and I did turn down the volume a few times during longer game sessions.  

While you can step away at any time in stitch. I did find the bigger puzzles made me literally fall asleep, which happened on multiple occasions. I've only ever fallen asleep with two games... One being WRC Generations, which is one of the most snooze-inducing racers I've ever played, and now stitch. has been added to that list. It's the very casual nature of the title; it's so relaxing that it made me doze off a few times. Does this mean I have hypersomnia or does this mean stitch. is a great game to play before bed? who knows?


  • Music can be repetitive 
  • Sleep inducing

Final Score: 9/10

stitch. is a lovely little puzzler on the Nintendo Switch. There's enough content to keep you playing with its daily challenges, weekly puzzlers, unlockable content and possible DLC offerings in future. Its gameplay is easy to understand and addictive once you get into it. If you haven't already realised, stitch. is worth your time and money and will be a favourite for anyone who loves puzzlers. I wholeheartedly recommend this one!

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