Stardew Valley Quick Guide: Stardrops

Stardew Valley Quick Guide: Stardrops
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How to Obtain all Seven Stardrops

Do you find yourself running out of energy halfway through the day? Then you may be in need of some delicious Stardrops. These mysterious fruits permanently increase your energy by 34 points, allowing you to accomplish more throughout the day. As you might expect, they’re not exactly easy to come by. But with this handy guide and a little hard work you’ll have all seven Stardrops in your possession in no time.

Stardrop #1 – Stardew Valley Fair Prize

This Stardrop is one of the prizes available at the Stardew Valley Fair that takes place on the 16th of Fall. At 2,000 tokens, it’s a fairly hefty price tag, but with a bit of planning this Stardrop is easily obtainable in your first year.

First, you’ll want to focus on winning the grange display. Its payout is a whopping 1,000 tokens which will make your life much easier. Fill the display with a range of high-quality items from the eight recognised categories (animal products, artisan goods, cooking, fish, foraging, fruits, minerals, and vegetables) and you’ll have a good chance of getting first place.

After that (even if you don’t win) head straight to the spinning wheel game. Put half your tokens on green and spin away. Despite its appearance, the spinning wheel doesn’t actually have a 50/50 chance of landing on either green or orange. It will land on green 75% of the time. Even if you lose occasionally, just stick with green and soon enough you’ll have 2,000 tokens.

Go and buy your Stardrop and enjoy the rest of the fair!

Stardrop #2 – Deep in the Mines

The Mines contain a myriad of prizes for those brave enough to venture down into their mysterious depths, including a Stardrop. After The Mines open on the 5th of Spring in your first year, steadily chip away at them until you reach Floor 100. There you’ll find a chest containing a Stardrop as a reward for all that exploring.

Stardrop #3 – The Joys of Married Life

Once you’ve settled down with that special someone (check out our Relationships Guide for details on how to do this) you’ve still got to work hard to keep them happy. Talk to your spouse every day and shower them with gifts and soon enough they’ll return the favour by offering you a Stardrop once their hearts reach 12-13. Keep in mind this only works once, so don’t get any funny ideas about marrying and divorcing every villager in sequence in the hopes they’ll cough up a Stardrop. It won’t happen. All you’ll get is a reputation.

Stardrop #4 – Secret in the Sewers

What better place to go scrounging around for magical fruit than in The Sewers?

After you donate 60 artifacts or minerals to The Museum, you’ll receive the Rusty Key which grants access to The Sewers. The Sewers are accessible by the grate in the south of Cindersap Forest or through the manhole in Pelican Town. Once inside, you’ll meet the mysterious figure Krobus who sells a variety of rare goods. One of these is, of course, a Stardrop! Fork over the 20,000g and you’ve earned yourself another increase to your energy levels.

Stadrop #5 – Old Master Cannoli’s Gift

There are a few steps required to obtain this elusive Stardrop.

First, you’ll need to gain access to the Secret Woods at the northwest corner of Cindersap Forest. To do this, upgrade to a steel axe and chop down the fallen log blocking the entrance. Once inside the Secret Woods you’ll come across a statue of Old Master Cannoli which states he is ‘…still searching for the sweetest taste…’

This ‘sweetest taste’ refers to a Sweet Gem Berry. To obtain this rare fruit, you’ll need to purchase a Rare Seed from the travelling cart near the entrance to the Secret Woods on a Friday or Sunday. The Rare Seed only grows in Fall and it takes 24 days to mature, so try to plant it on the 1st of Fall and tend to it very carefully.

Once you’ve got the Sweet Gem Berry, simply offer it to Old Master Cannoli and you will be rewarded with a Stardrop. Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you granted this strange statue’s oddly specific wish.

Stardrop #6 – Master Angler

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Catch every fish in the game (including the legendary fish) and Willy will send you a letter of congratulations along with a Stardrop.

Stardrop #7 – Complete Collection

Donate all 95 items to The Museum and you get a Stardrop in return. What better way to celebrate all that hard work?