Sparklite - Scorch Boss Guide

Sparklite - Scorch Boss Guide
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Despite Sparklite being a roguelike, it’s always good to know the attack patterns of each boss fight. Scorch is a mechanical scorpion that has pincers, missiles and lasers. It’s like one of Dr. Evil’s freaking sharks with freaking laser beams attached to their freaking heads…

The only way to damage Scorch is to attack the red gem at the mechanism’s front. Charging up your attack is the best way to do this as you’ll want to get in and out quickly and do a big amount of damage with one shot due to its pincers coming out of its front.

When Scorch suddenly stops moving left to right, that means it’s about to shoots its laser at you. It’s difficult to tell as Sparklite is a topdown game but as the laser is coming from the drill at the end of Scorch’s tail and hitting the ground, you can actually walk underneath it. You just don’t want to be where the laser is hitting the ground or the where the ground comes up that follows. During this time, run underneath the laser and strike at the gem.

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When Scorch starts to use its tail to attack the ground, the best bet is to keep moving and stay vigilant if it goes to hit you. If you get stuck in one of the sinking sand whirlpools, while it won’t hurt you, you can get out of one by rapidly dashing.

Lastly, you’ll also need to watch out for Scorch’s two homing missiles. If you run around enough, these missiles will eventually explode on their own, making them easy to avoid. You can also redirect them back at Scorch by running around them, but they won’t do any damage to it.

Follow these steps, keep attacking the gem at the front and you’ll soon be off to the last area of the game.

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