Sparklite - Boris Boss Guide

Sparklite - Boris Boss Guide
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Despite Sparklite being a roguelike, it’s always good to know the attack patterns of each boss fight. Boris reminds me of a chain chomp but spiky so if you’ve ever played Super Mario 64, this fight may seem like déjà vu.

The main aspect to this boss is waiting for Boris to strike. Whilst waiting, we want to be up at the back wall so that when he does attack, his chain is fully extended. Keep moving left and right in anticipation of his attack and when he does strike, dash to the side as shown below.

When Boris’s head is smashed into the wall, run up to the top of the room and attack the furnace behind him. Don’t get too greedy with your attacks as Boris will quickly return back to his original position; I’d say 2-3 swings and then run back to the wall. It’s a slow burn… get it? Furnace? Burn?

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When you’re up at the back wall, Boris will use his head like a vacuum and try to suck you up. Do not dash as that will inevitably slow you down. Instead, simply keep running towards the wall and as long as you’ve created enough distance between you and him, you won’t get hurt.

As long as you follow these steps and keep whittling down without overreaching, Boris will be down in no time!

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