Showcase Saturday: The Rewinder

Showcase Saturday: The Rewinder
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In this week’s Showcase Saturday, we wanted to highlight Misty Mountain Studio’s The Rewinder, a side-scrolling point and click adventure set in rural China. This beautiful game explores China’s cultural and spiritual history, having you play as Qi Yun, the last Rewinder who can travel between the spiritual planes at will.

Here’s the rundown:

The Rewinder is an adventure puzzle game, based on Chinese mythology. You play as Qi Yun, the last known Rewinder, who can communicate with spirits and explore other people memories to alter the past.

A man went missing within this shadowed village. Rumor has it that a mysterious long-haired female was seen near the lake, calling passengers’ names. A Taoist master were hired to find her but returned empty-handed. The once lively village soon fell into ruins. Now there is only one left, with a shattered heart, she remains to wait in solitude… It seems that all these myths and tragedies are related to the village’s past.

Our main protagonist is a special one who can travel between the living realm and the beyond, hired by The Twin Spirit Warden to investigate the case that souls failed to enter Samsara, the cycle of life for rebirth. You were brought to an abandoned village that is filled with all sorts of seals and conjuring. By investigating those shattered souls, you will experience their memories, and find a Sanctum that rewinds time and alter their fate. The further you dig into the truth, the closer you get to discover more about your past. Whether or not you can help those souls re-enter Samsara depends on your every choice and deduction.

Now, enter the world of “The Rewinder”, playing as a special one who is capable of travelling between the Bardo (reality and the beyond, present and the past). By travelling in timelines, you shall solve all the mysteries and eventually, unveil the truth of your own past.

When we spoke to Felix last year at PAX AUS, he highlighted the ability to travel back in time, interact with the world and see its effect in the future. The example given was that if you plant a seed, there will be a tree there when you travel back to the present.

The game’s publisher, Gamera, recently confirmed that The Rewinder will be launching on Switch in early 2021 but if you want to try it out now, there is a demo on its Steam page. If you’d like to keep up to date with the game’s progress, you can always follow them on Twitter.

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