River City Girls: Abobo Boss Guide

River City Girls: Abobo Boss Guide
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The forth boss guide for Retro City Girls is for Abobo, who you may remember from the sex ed puberty video when we were back in the school. Let’s start proving taking him down with…

Phase 1

Phase 1 is simple if you’re quick enough. Don’t stress about tactics, just keep concentrating on attacking Abobo with combos until he goes down. However when he gets up, create a little bit of space between you before you get hit and then close the gap to smack him around again.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a little more complicated. He’ll start off by charging up, followed by punching the ground to make the ground a hazard. After a second or two of Abobo tensing up, jump into the air so that you avoid the crumbling ground beneath you.

Once you land, blocks will fall from the sky which can be easily avoided if you can notice the shadows of where they are going to fall.

Once they finish falling, two big oval-shaped blocks will also fall, which you can see from the shadows beneath them.

Once they land, try to get to them before Abobo does and pick them up. Once you’ve got one, you can throw it at him to deal some damage. If he gets to one first, blocking them is not an option. Your best bet is to both run away and jump over them when he lets loose or attack him before he can throw them.

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Abobo will also attempt to lay the smackdown on our candy asses with The People’s Elbow, but this can be easily blocked or avoided.

Whilst implementing all that’s above, continue to hit him in the usual way and proceed to…

Phase 3

Phase 3 will begin by Abobo sucking in air Kirby style. To avoid being brought in, simply double tap the analogue stick or D-pad in the opposite direction to run away from him.

When Abobo brings up his hands as pictured below, he’s about to do a thunderclap that will send shock waves towards you. Do your best to avoid being hit by his gigantic fists first of all, and then jump over the shock waves (but be careful, they’ll hit the wall and come back for round 2).

While all this is happening, he may also slam his fists down… so that’s another thing to keep your eye on.

But keep at it with the tips above, get in close when the opportunity presents itself and you’ll whittle him down to nothing soon enough.

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