Metroid Prime 4 Developer Retro Studios Hires Battlefield Hardline VFX Artist

Metroid Prime 4 Developer Retro Studios Hires Battlefield Hardline VFX Artist
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Retro Studios, the studio that developed the original Metroid Prime Trilogy and the studio that had taken over development of Metroid Prime 4 since it restarted development back in early 2019, has just hired two new VFX artists: Adad Morales, Bryan Erck and Nicholas Wilson.

Adad Fernando Morales had previously worked with EA at their Visceral studio on Battlefield Hardline and the cancelled Star Wars Ragtag game. Now, Morales will be working at Retro Studios on Metroid Prime 4 as the new VFX lead.

Metroid Prime 4

Bryan Erck was the lead VFX for the Shadow of the Tomb Raider and has been hired as a senior VFX artist, alongside Nicholas Wilson who worked at Gearbox on the Borderlands franchise for 12 years.

This comes off of the previous announcements that former Halo artist, Kyle Hefley, and Playful’s Mark Capers have also joined the Texas based Retro Studios.

According to Retro Studios’ job listing page, at the time of this article, they studio is continuing to look at hiring more employees to fill rolls, such as Lead Graphics Engineer, Senior Designer and Lead Animator. However, we don’t know if all of these listings are for Metroid Prime 4 as that implies that Retro Studios are only working on the one title. Remember, there were rumours about a Star Fox Grand Prix game that dates back from May 2018.

Retro Studios Star Fox Grand Prix