Red Colony 2 - Switch Review

"... Fits a specific niche of the gaming audience."

Red Colony 2 - Switch Review
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Red Colony 2, which funnily enough is set over in the Blue Colony region, is somewhat inspired by the Resident Evil franchise with its premise of exploration and zombies, in addition to resource management. Now add in a dash of Turok with deadly velociraptors and a heaping serve of fan service and you’ve got Red Colony 2.

The Good

Red Colony 2 improves upon the original game by removing a weapon that severely broke the game’s difficulty as it was unbreakable and was very OP. The resource management of ammo is somewhat negated as items respawn in lockers whenever you leave the screen they spawned on, which allows you to quickly fill up on ammo. This however is beneficial, due to a small inventory size and low durability for melee weapons. Now if you do enjoy fanservice material made for the intent of just being fanservice, then you’ll find many things to enjoy here. As you take damage, your clothes also take damage, revealing more skin as it makes use of their 2D Tear-Clothes-Technology.


  • Pickups respawn on a scene change
  • Slight Improvements from the original
  • If you like fanservice, there is plenty; IF you like it.

The Bad

My first thoughts while playing Red Colony 2 was that it looked like a game built in Flash and belonged on Newgrounds, especially with the walking animations and the fan service. There are a lot of aspects that just don’t work out as compelling gameplay: weapons with very low durability, shooting having awkward aiming and really slow movement. While I listed it as a good thing for people who like fan service, honestly I found it just in poor taste and left some confusing story points.

The one example that sticks out in my mind is that during the opening hours of the game, your character works as a prostitute and comes across her “employer” who wants her to do some work for clients before letting her continue her search for her daughter because she's a good employee. What makes this an awkward story point is that this exchange happens during a zombie outbreak of all things; it just feels like such a ridiculous situation. All of the female characters have very front forward features to an overly dramatised size, with plenty of bounce with any movement.


  • Poorly animated
  • Slow moving gameplay
  • Awkward story & art design

Final Score: 4/10

Ultimately, Red Colony 2 fits a specific niche of the gaming audience and is a good entry for said niche however for the average audience, there isn’t much here. It is definitely an improvement over the original, so if you enjoyed it, this would be recommended as a purchase. Overall though, there isn’t a lot here that you can’t enjoy in a more polished game, or in more tasteful execution.

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