QubicGames Are Holding a MASSIVE Games Giveaway on Switch

QubicGames Are Holding a MASSIVE Games Giveaway on Switch
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Update: December 24th free game announced to be Space Pioneer.

For their 15th anniversary, QubicGames are holding a massive giveaway on Nintendo Switch where you can download one free game every day for the ten days leading up to Christmas (best advent calendar ever!).

To be eligible, you’ll need to have owned at least one game from the QubicGames library (excluding Space Pioneer, Get Me Outta Here and Monster Bugs Eats People in Europe and Australia). You’ll then need to download Robonauts (if you haven’t already) between December 10-15th to get the chain reaction started and from December 16th, there will be a new game. Here are the dates and games:

  • Dec 16 – Geki Yaba Runner
  • Dec 17 – Puzzle Book
  • Dec 18 – One Strike
  • Dec 19 – Wreckin’ Ball Adventure
  • Dec 20 – Koloro
  • Dec 21 – #RACEDIERUN
  • Dec 22 – REKT
  • Dec 23 – Mana Spark
  • Dec 24 – Space Pioneer

10 free games in 10 days – to celebrate their 15-year anniversary, QubicGames are giving everyone the ability download 10 of their Nintendo Switch games for free along with a massive sale.

Get ready for the QubicGames 15 anniversary giveaway and sale!

Starting December 15th, 1 game will be listed as a free download and players have 24 hours to download it. Each game needs to be downloaded to ensure the next game unlocks as a free the next day.

For more details on how the giveaway works, the full list of the games or when they will be available can be found on the official competition landing page…

Source: Wire Tap Media PR

Thank you so much Thomas for bringing this to our attention!