With the eighth generation of Pokémon releasing today, it’s surprising as to how there has been no Pokémon game set in Australia. The land of Australia has nearly every possible landscape imaginable and it’s certainly known for its many different species in which to draw inspiration from.

Twitter user and lead artist for indie game Ailuri @VivinkArt has taken it upon themselves to draw up concept art for not only the logos, but many Pokémon designs, evolutions, trainers, gym leaders and more. Check out the region of Straya:

I think we’ll stop there as you simply must go to VivinkArt’s twitter page to see the rest and show support. I just wish this was real but considering that the RJ Palmer, an artist who made realistic renditions of Pokémon in their spare time, got a job as an artist on Detective Pikachu, Pokémon Yeah and Pokémon Nah may not be too out of the question.