Pikuniku Adventure Mode Walkthrough (Part 5): Volcano / Final Boss

Pikuniku Adventure Mode Walkthrough (Part 5): Volcano / Final Boss
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Welcome to part 5 of our walkthrough of the Pikuniku Adventure Mode! Whilst this game is quite linear, there are still some moments and puzzles that may leave you scratching your head. We had just been locked up in a jail cell in the volcano where we left off, so let’s bust out!


Main Objective: Oops, you got captured

After some dialogue with the robot and the worm, you’ll need to find a way to distract the robot. To do this, jump and kick the security camera in the top-left corner.

Pikuniku Walkthrough

After some more talk, the worm will bust you out and you can get away via the vent…

Pikuniku Walkthrough

Keep going from one vent to the other, up the elevator and then…

Main Objective: Escape from the volcano

Pikuniku Walkthrough

From here, you’ll need to avoid the robots from detecting you. Go through the vent next to the worm and in there, hold the Y button down on the fan panel in order to activate it.

Pikuniku WalkthroughWith that wind current going up, ride it up to the ledge above. Now that you’re up, go through the first vent that you come across up there. Jump across the platforms and only jump down as the door is falling down.

Pikuniku Walkthrough

Quickly jump over the wall to the right so that you are no longer in the robots’ line of sight. Keep going right and activate the panel to lift up the door. Now, you’ll be in a room with six platforms, three on each side. There are three robots, two on the left (bottom and top) and one on the right (in the middle). Go through the vent in the bottom-right. Inside, activate the fan panel and ride the wind up. Now go through the first vent you come across, which is the middle-left.

Pikuniku Walkthrough

From here, you’ll want to jump down to the bottom-right platform…

Pikuniku Walkthrough

Enter this vent and activate the fan panel. Exit through the vent and jump down to the ground. Enter through the vent in the bottom-right corner (the one that we originally entered to begin with).

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Inside, make your way up the wind current, jump up and ride the second wind current so that you can exit through the top-right vent (there’s a hidden trophy in the top-left corner, by the way).

Pikuniku Walkthrough

Jump through the top-right exit, follow the path and read the dialogue. Head through the vent to the other side and make your way to the elevator on the right.

In this next room, the robot on the floor will get destroyed by the laser. Go through the first vent and activate the fan panel. Ride the wind up and go through the right vent. Turn on the panel to activate the laser and destroy the robot, then turn it off again so that you can walk by it.

Pikuniku Walkthrough

Don’t worry, we’ll get that other present in our Trophies Guide!

Continue to the right, stand on the black and yellow platform, press the red button, jump up to the top-right and enter the vent. In here, walk to the end, go up the wind current and exit through that vent. Here, we’ll get a neat little cutscene.

After all that, fall down…

Main Objective:  Help the villagers

Pikuniku Walkthrough

Go to the left and push the black and yellow platform on wheels as far left as it would go. Jump on the platform and press the button so that it raises up. Then jump to the vent in the top-left corner.

Pikuniku Walkthrough

In this room, activate both of the door panels, drop down and make your way to the far right. Go up the wind current again and go through the same vent as we did last time. Now go back to the yellow and black platform but go through the top-right vent. Here, we can drop down to the panels and we need to activate them both.

Pikuniku Walkthrough

Drop down a level, walk up to the newly activated wind current and go through the vent to the left. Here, activate the panel and the laser will shoot down the cages.

Pikuniku Walkthrough

Go back through the vent, move over to the top-right corner and go through that vent we’ve already done twice before. Now, for some dialogue and a science-awed worm.

Main Objective: Stop Mr. Sunshine

Pikuniku Walkthrough

Head over to the right of the room and enter the elevator. When you get to the boss fight, here’s what you need to do…

The laser gun is going to follow you, so keep moving from left to right. The gun will eventually stop and grow, meaning that it’s going to shoot there. So make sure that you’re not in its line of sight.

Pikuniku Walkthrough

After a few rounds, the robot will use a large hammer and stamp out a bit of the platform.

Don’t try to attack the robot, just keep going. The second time it stamps the ground, it will do so twice. After a little discussion, it turns out that the boss’s weakness is unfair wages.

Once Mr. Top Hat runs away, chase after him and board a little boat that can apparently float on lava.

Pikuniku Walkthrough

There isn’t too much advice to give about this section, other than to time your jumps well as he’ll throw a lot of corn at you that will turn into popcorn. When you reach the end, that’s all you pretty much have to do. Well, that and to kick him into space…

Pikuniku Walkthrough

From here, enjoy some funny dialogue and watch those credits roll!

Congratulations, you’ve just beaten Pikuniku!


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