Party Hard 2 - Switch Review (Quick)

Party Hard 2 - Switch Review (Quick)
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Party Hard 2 should not exist. The entire premise is mass murder of civilians in public places; a disgusting prospect in general, but even more so due to the senselessness of the violence. The objective of the second level is to kill the 66 people attending a party. Most video game violence has some sort of rationale due to the mutual nature of the violence: you must fight to survive. That feels natural and is often also supported by characterization and context. That is not the case with this game. Party Hard 2 attempts to do this by framing the main character as a psychopath whose story is being told by a doctor. This could have worked, but not on its own. The graphics might be pixelated and relatively nondescript, but this is more coarse and violent as games like The Last of Us but with none of the emotional nuance.


  • Runs smoothly 
  • Weapon variety 
  • Art style 
  • Atmospheric music

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  • Abhorrent concept 
  • Repetitive gameplay

Final Score: 17%

Not only is Party Hard 2 incredibly crass, but it’s unusually insensitive. In our day and age when acts of terror take forms of mass murder in public spaces, a game like this is all kinds of upsetting. I was so conflicted about reviewing this game to begin with and even more tortured about actually playing it. One could try and spin this kind of apathetic hyper-violence as a statement on the violent state of our world, but the only thing it accomplishes is making the player feel uncomfortable as it escalates the violence. I wouldn’t recommend Party Hard 2 to anyone.

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