Nintendo Switch Lite: Pros and CONS

Nintendo Switch Lite: Pros and CONS
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Nintendo has revealed a new Switch console: the Nintendo Switch Lite. This new compact version of the Switch has a greater focus on handheld play, so those of us who spend most of our time playing the switch in handheld mode can rejoice! But now we find ourselves weighing the Nintendo Switch Lite pros and cons.

The main highlights of this new Switch Lite is that it is indeed lighter, with a smaller screen and a longer lasting battery life. Nintendo have definitely thought this one through, with Doug Bowser saying that they have been able to track how people have been using the Switch and that this lead Nintendo to develop a wholly portable console.

But what are the nitty gritty differences between the two and should you stick with the OG Nintendo Switch or look to instead purchase the new Switch Lite? We’ve broken down all the pros and (joy)cons of each console so that you don’t have to.

Nintendo Switch


  • Play in three modes: handheld, tabletop and TV mode
  • Larger screen at 6.2″
  • You can play every Nintendo Switch game with no limitations
  • The Joy-Con controllers detach, allowing you to pass the controller to a friend or play with a Joy-Con in each hand
  • The detachable Joy-Cons have HD Rumble, which creates more gameplay opportunities as well as making certain functions feel more dynamic
  • The IR Motion Camera on the Joy-Cons allow for motion sensing in games like 1-2-Switch and Nintendo Labo Toy-Con kits
  • The ability to customise the Joy-Cons with a variety of fancy colours.


  • Shorter battery life in handheld mode with the original Switch averaging between 2.5 to 6.5 hours depending on the games you play
  • Heavier model weighing approximately .88 lbs or .4 kgs
  • $100USD more expensive

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Nintendo Switch Lite


  • Exclusively designed for handheld mode, so the Switch Lite boasts a longer battery life averaging between 3 to 7 hours depending on the games you play
  • Lighter model weighing approximately .61 lbs or .28 kgs
  • Designed specifically with handheld mode in mind
  • Model is slightly smaller (see chart below), making it easier to take on the go
  • Directional buttons has been replace with a more intuitive traditional D-pad
  • Pretty colour systems
  • $100USD cheaper


  • You are only able to play Nintendo Switch games that can be played in handheld mode
  • Cannot be played in TV Mode or Tabletop Mode (meaning no dock or HDMI cable included in the box)
  • Joy-Cons are attached to the system (might be a pro if you’re prone to lose them)
  • Smaller screen (may be a pro depending on personal preference)
  • Entire system needs to be repaired if an issue arises with controls
  • Inability to customise the system with different coloured Joy-Cons.

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Hopefully this has been able to help you decide between the two, but if our opinions haven’t helped you before the Nintendo Switch Lite releases on September 20, we have also included the full chart provided from Nintendo: