Nintendo E3 2019 Predictions

Nintendo E3 2019 Predictions
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. If there’s ever going to be a time for your gaming hopes and dreams to come to fruition, early June is the time. The worst part is the wait. So what do we do whilst we stare at the clock? We predict what they’re going to announce, of course!

We’ve come up with 13 predictions that we believe will be featured in this year’s Nintendo E3 Direct and Treehouse Live. So until June 11th rolls around, let’s have some fun…

Astral Chain

In the February Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced a brand new game developed by Platinum Games (Bayonetta / Star Fox ZERO) exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. Not only does this game look incredible, but it is also under close supervision of legendary director Hideki Kamiya (Bayonetta / The Wonderful 101). It’s also not very far away, with a release date of August 30, and we still don’t know very much about it. So I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more come E3.

Bayonetta 3

Speaking of Platinum Games, we also haven’t heard much about Bayonetta 3 since its initial teaser trailer at The Game Awards 2017. The Bayonetta series has been made synonymous with the Nintendo brand ever since Bayonetta 2 was released on the Wii U. Before that, fans were unsure about the series’ future, but here we are eagerly awaiting the third instalment. The last we heard about Bayonetta 3 was also at the February Nintendo Direct, but not much was said other than Yoshiaki Koizumi stating that the developers are hard at work.

New Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Fighter Ballot has promised five new characters by February 2020 and so far, we only know of one: Persona 5’s Joker. There have been many rumours about who the next fighter will be, one in particular being Erdrick from the Dragon Quest series. This wouldn’t be all that surprising considering the popularity that the series has in Japan. It’s also common for the west to learn more about Japan’s popular game franchises through Super Smash Bros., just like Marth and Roy from the Fire Emblem franchise. But no matter who the next fighter may be, I’m almost positive that we’ll find out at this year’s E3.

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Animal Crossing Switch

Just give us something. Anything! We found out about a new Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch way back in the September 2018 Nintendo Direct and haven’t heard a single thing about it since. It’s quite possible that Nintendo have been waiting for the right moment to lay their cards down on the table and reveal all there is to the game. However the longer we wait, the more nervous fans get that the game won’t live up to expectations or even be delayed until 2019. Only time will tell, but hopefully not too much time.

A New M-Rated IP

Recently, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated that he wants to ensure the Switch is home to many different games that “meet consumers’ diverse tastes”. Nintendo has always had an all-inclusive approach throughout its years in the video game industry, but they also aren’t oppose to tackling a more mature side of the spectrum. Take Eternal Darkness for example, and Nintendo have been more lenient with allowing other M rated games like DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus onto their console. Doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility anymore.

More Nintendo Switch Online Features

At the March Nintendo Investors Meeting, Shuntaro Furukawa highlighted the value that Tetris 99 has provided to the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. It’s difficult to say what they might add; a new free-to-play game? Super Nintendo games? and what about some more Exclusive Offers? Regardless of what gets announced, we’re confident that there’ll be something new for the service.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

In the same Nintendo Direct that we received the announcement of a new Animal Crossing game, so too did we learn about a new Luigi’s Mansion coming in 2019. Another similarity is that just like Animal Crossing, we haven’t heard a single thing about it. Fans have been able to piece together a few tidbits from the 38 second announcement trailer, such as the idea that this entry may well take place in a hotel. However that’s all speculation, so hopefully we’ll get some confirmation on… anything.

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Some Awesome Nindie Announcements

Nindies Showcase (March 2018)

During last year’s E3 Nintendo Direct, we got the announcement of Hollow Knight coming to Nintendo Switch. Not only was it announced, but it also released the same day. Nintendo likes to do this in their Directs, making an announcement or two that become available immediately after the presentation, and we think that this will happen once again with another Nindie game. What will it be? No clue. But we’ll be playing it come June 11th.


Remember when we were talking about games we haven’t heard much about? At least we have previous entries to go off of with Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing for Switch, but Town is a brand new IP and we have yet to learn anything concrete other than the whole game takes place in a single village that gets overrun with monsters. Not long ago, we had a theory that Town was influenced by Shigesato Itoi’s original concept for Mother 3, so we’ll see whether we were correct in just a few weeks… maybe.

More Ubisoft Collaborations

In 2017, Ubisoft announced Mario + Rabbids: kingdom Battle. In 2018, Ubisoft announced that Starlink: Battle for Atlas will feature the Star Fox cast of Characters. So what will the collaboration be this year? What will Shigeru Miyamoto take to the stage to help reveal this year? We don’t know, but we feel confident that it will happen no matter what it is they announce.

Super Mario Odyssey DLC

Super Mario Odyssey

Ever since Super Mario Odyssey released in 2017, fans have been speculating whether there will be DLC. It wouldn’t be too difficult to fit it into the lore of the game, just add in a few more worlds on the overworld. It just comes down to whether the effort is worth the reward. Personally, I would love another reason to revisit the game; to potentially visit an Isle Delfino world… yes please!

A New Mario & Luigi Game

The Mario & Luigi series has proven to be very popular over the years and has had a fantastic run on the DS and 3DS systems. With the popularity of the series and the unfortunately disappointing sales of Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr.’s Journey, it seems pretty clear that the Nintendo 3DS is no longer the viable system for this series and a jump to the Switch could be just what the next instalment needs. Speaking of Nintendo 3DS…

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Nintendo Switch Mini + Death of the Nintendo 3DS

We’re sorry to end this predictions article on a potentially sour note, but we feel as though it needs to be said. The Nintendo 3DS is surprisingly still selling well, especially in Japan, but with rumours about a Nintendo Switch Mini on the way, offering a cheaper entry point, this may well be the death knell of the dual screen line. The Nintendo 3DS has had an incredible run of eight years, and we’re not saying that Shiggy Miyamoto is going to come out to give a eulogy for the 3DS, the announcement of a Switch Mini would say more than words ever could.