"Ninjala" Announced for Nintendo Switch

"Ninjala" Announced for Nintendo Switch
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Credit GungHo

At E3 2018, GungHo revealed “Ninjala,” in a video addressed to their fans. It features “challenge” and “new things” in a player vs player environment where each fighter uses “ninja gum” to attack their enemies. While more information will reveal as E3 rolls on this week, little is as of yet known about the title aside from what was published both in the announcement video, and Nintendo’s E3 Direct.

Screenshots show a detailed, cartoon-inspired world that is reminiscient of “Splatoon 2” and should help distinguish it from its competitors.

As a company, GungHo has been responsible for “Puzzles and Dragons,” “Galak-Z,” and two mobile games on iOS and Android, “Call of Guardians” and “Super Senso.”

“Ninjala” is currently scheduled for release some time in 2019.