With Animal Crossing: New Horizons being played on so many Switch owners’ console right now, Nintendo have outlined their plans for the next month:

  • Leif’s Garden Shop comes to island, allowing you to buy shrubbery.
  • Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler allows you to buy new artwork and furniture.
  • The Museum Expansion lets you donate art.
  • Nature Day (April 23rd to May 4th) lets you earn more Nook Miles with additional activities.
  • May Day (May 1st to May 7th) has you use May Day Tickets to visit to a limited-time May Day Tour.
  • International Museum Day (May 18th to May 31st) lets you get in-game rewards through collecting stamps.
  • Wedding Season (June 1st to June 30th) is all about love and wedding bells, allowing you to decorate chapels and take anniversary photos.

The update will launch on April 23rd.