Back when the Nintendo DS launched in 2004, everyone and their grandmother was playing the Brain Age games. Well, The Japanese Nintendo YouTube channel just uploaded two videos announcing a brand new iteration for Nintendo Switch.

The game has only been announced for a Japanese release at this stage and is expected to launch on December 27th. The digital version is priced at 2,680 Yen + taxes and the physical 3,480 Yen + taxes which also includes an official Nintendo Switch stylus. However, the stylus can also be bought separately for 864 Yen.

Here are the game’s new features on Nintendo Switch:

  • A two-player versus mode
  • Games that make use of the Joy-Con’s IR sensor (the example being used is Rock-Paper-Scissors)
  • The Home button on the Switch will light up when it’s time for your daily training
  • Online competitions
  • Six games will not be compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite

We’ll be sure to provide an update when/if this new Brain Age game gets announced for the west.