New Details on "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"

New Details on "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"
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Credit Nintendo

It was expected to make a big splash at E3 this year, and it didn’t disappoint. The new “Smash Bros.” game, subtitled “Ultimate” had an extended look at both the E3 direct, as well as Nintendo’s Treehouse and gave us a much better look at the fine details that make up the newest game of the series. Presented by Masahiro Sakurai, it has been confirmed to be the largest game in the series yet, with every character in series history returning to the fray. That means veteran players can expect characters like Snake, Ryu, and Bayonetta to be back, and better than ever.

The new title also brings back 8 player combat, along with new gameplay tweaks, such as having Marth’s sword attacks register more quickly. Character designs also received much needed updates, evidenced by Zelda adopting her “Link Between Worlds” style, or the ability to play as a female Pokemon Trainer for the first time ever. These radical changes indicate that the game, unlike previously believed, is not a port of the “Super Smash Bros. For WiiU” but is instead an entirely new entry in the series.

One of these new changes is the ability to KO assist trophies, earning your character a number of points. While some will not be able to be knocked out in this matter, this new mechanic dramatically changes how points will be earned in timed matches, adding a new layer of risk in using the helpful items.

For this newest title, it also seems like most Final Smashes have been reworked to account for newer titles in their respective series. For example, Mega Man will now summon Proto Man. These changes breathe new life into the ultimate attacks of each fighters, and should substantially change how they activate and play.

Stages likewise received a facelift, with old stages such as Peach’s Castle from “Super Smash Bros.” on the Nintendo 64 receiving huge graphical updates. New to the series is the inclusion of “Splatoon’s” Moray Towers, as well as “Breath of the Wild’s” Great Plateau Tower. They also have new Omega forms for all stages, allowing competitive players to play on each stage without having to worry about hazards interrupting the combat.

New techniques also make their appearance to help the competitive scene, such as directional air dodges, will improve mobility and allow players to escape damaging combo chains. Likewise, abilities are tailored for precision, with certain moves doing massive damage if they’re spaced properly. This encourages precise movement that helps give the gameplay more depth.

However, the game hasn’t completely forgotten about its casual fanbase. While the majority of the footage focused on battles between players both in person and online, the game features the options for simple control schemes by allowing players to play with a single Joy-Con. The game should also feature single player modes that have featured in every release of the series, but no details have been provided about this mode yet.

The final surprise from Sakurai’s team was the long awaited inclusion of Ridley. Samus’ nemesis finally makes his appearance after years of speculation, and dominates the battlefield with his imposing presence.

Ultimately, it seems like “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” will be the definitive version of the series, which should appease all levels of players.

Players can expect to play the new game on December 7th, 2018, just in time for the holidays, but while you wait feel free to enjoy the full E3 reveal!