My Friend Pedro: Mitch the Butcher Boss Guide

My Friend Pedro: Mitch the Butcher Boss Guide
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In the boss fight against Mitch the Butcher, there are two stages, so let’s get started…

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Stage 1

The first stage is simply a matter of taking down each motorbike rider and each enemies shooting at you from cars. Two hit the riders, line up with them horizontally and shoot them. For the enemies in the cars, horizontally line up with the shooter leaning out of the car windows and shoot at them.

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Repeat this process for as long as possible until you get to…

Stage 2

First, be careful of Mitch the Butcher ramming you with his creepy van. If he hits you, it’ll cause some damage but at the same time, a bike rider will attempt to box you in from the front. So, your best bet is to slow down time and move either up or down out of harm’s way.

This is what NOT to do…

The next attack that Mitch the Butcher will dish out at you one bomb after another. To avoid the explosions hitting the ground, slow down time, horizontally line up with each bomb and shoot them before they hit the ground.

Finally when Mitch the Butcher stick his head out to fire at you, get in line with him and shoot him back.

Repeat the process and down will go Mitch the Butcher.