My Friend Pedro - Final Boss Guide - Pedro

My Friend Pedro - Final Boss Guide - Pedro
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So here we are, the final boss of My Friend Pedro just happens to be Pedro himself. This boss fight seems to be set up more like a SHMUP, but you’ll still need to use the platforming skills that you have learnt prior to this. Pedro has two different forms: Unpeeled and Peeled. It took myself a few attempts, but I worked out a pattern that worked quite well.

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The first stage is quite straightforward – Pedro will fire bombs at you and you’ll need to shoot them back at the floating banana (that’s a weird sentence).

Pedro will also send out some double spike balls at you. Do your best not to shoot them as they will simply split and make them two things you’ll then need to dodge.

Pedro will also rain a few bombs down onto you, so focus your attention on them when this happens and shoot the bomb(s) directly above you.


The first wave of attack that will come at you is Pedro taking out his giant guns and firing at you. To avoid these, it is best to constantly be jumping up and down so that he cannot get an accurate shot at you. Once he starts firing, slow down time and dodge through them. Keep firing back at him with dual-uzis until he stops.

Next, Pedro will send out waves of double spike balls at you. As much as you may be tempted to shoot them or to keep shooting at Pedro, you’re best off simply concentrating on jumping and dodging them. If you shoot them, they’ll simply split and you’ll have two spike balls to dodge instead of one. Towards the end of the wave, Pedro will start shooting again, so make sure that you continue jumping and staying alert.

And with that, congratulations! You’ve just completed My Friend Pedro… Now go eat a banana, they’re good for you (unless it has a gun)!