For this boss fight against Nabu, I cannot stress enough that you need to have the Ice Armor equiped and upgraded so that you can avoid taking damage from fire!

Phase 1

Nabu likes the slots… apparently. So your first thing to do is to strike them when there are three circles lined up. If you don’t or miss, you’ll enter short scenarios that delays the fight and might make you take damage.

Monster Boy Nabu

A stack of barrels will fall at either side and you should note the two arrows on either side. These arrows will point out the two barrels from each side (four in total) that Nabu is going to take out and send at you. Nabu will throw a ball of magic your way which you need to dodge. If you get hit by it, you’ll turn into a rat for a short while and Nabu will send down bolts of lightning that are surprisingly hard to dodge and do a fair amount of damage. In the first phase, the ball of magic will hit one of the two barrels that Nabu will take out and turn it into a barrel of water. Monster Boy Nabu

The four barrels that Nabu sends out will be coming for you one at a time. You can tell which one is going to be coming to you next as it will be the barrel that isn’t spinning. You’ll want to situate yourself in the opposite corner of the one that’s going to come at you so that it will hit Nabu instead. Each fire barrel will make the shield around him bigger, giving you a better chance to hit him. But the barrel that you want to hit him is the water barrel.

Monster Boy Nabu

Phase 2

When the second phase starts, Nabu will unleash some fire around the place. If you don’t have the Ice Armor equipped and upgraded, then you’re just going to have to fly up and avoid it.

Monster Boy Nabu

Once that’s done, do the slot machine again. The barrels will drop down either side and the ball of magic will go around the room in the shape of an envelope. If you’re not sure what I mean by that, look up the Gmail logo. Did you do that? Get it now? Fantastic!

Avoid the ball of magic and it will transform the top-right barrel into a water barrel. Go over to the right side and attack and destroy 3 or 4 of the bottom barrels so that the water barrel is in line with the arrow. Nabu will bring the barrels inwards and we need to do the same thing we did last time.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is more or less the same, however the ball of magic will move up and down, gradually making its way from right-to-left. Think of it like the aliens in Space Invaders but sideways. Also, you’re going to want to transform into the frog. When the ball of magic gets to the end, it’ll shoot across the ground from left-to-right. Jump over that and it will turn the bottom barrel into a water barrel.

Monster Boy Nabu

Use your tongue on the + that’s suddenly appeared and rotate the room. In this phase, Nabu will check the barrels before he brings them close to him and if he sees that one of them is a water barrel, he’ll destroy it.

Monster Boy Nabu

Luckily, he’ll check the left side first, which is where our water barrel is. So when Nabu is done inspecting the left side and goes to inspect the right, that’s when you attack and destroy 3 or 4 barrels on the bottom-left side.

Monster Boy Nabu

Do what we’ve done in the last two phases with the floating barrels and the fight is over!


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