Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - Undead Wizard Boss Guide

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom - Undead Wizard Boss Guide
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As soon as you enter the room below to begin the boss fight with the Undead Wizard, you might be a little confused (I certainly was). The Undead Wizard will start speaking gibberish and no matter what you do, you’ll just be sent into a portal and back to the room above.

When you’re sent back to the top, at first Pepelogoo says this…

I initially thought that maybe I had missed an item somewhere, so I searched for ages. But you actually have everything you need already. All you need to do is go into the game’s setting and turn on “Ghost Language Translator”.

I know, right!? It’s like the Phantom Hourglass closing the DS puzzle all over again! So meta.

But now that that’s done, you’ll be able to understand him!

To make sure, he’ll request that you transform into a few different monsters.

“Show me an animal with a curly tail”, so obviously you’ll need to transform into the pig.

“Show me an animal that can lick from long distances”, Obviously the frog.

And then… the battle begins!

Phase 1

For this fight, you’ll definitely want to be the dragon. In the first phase, use Pepelogoo’s light beam attack on the shield surrounding him until it disappears. To recharge Pepelogoo’s light beam, you’ll need to shoot fireballs at the Undead Wizard’s shield for ghosts to appear. Once the shield has dropped, send as many fireballs his way as you can. Don’t try to take him on with your sword… you will die.

That all may sound simple enough, but he himself has a strong beam attack that works similar to other bosses in that you’ll see him charging up. Make sure to avoid it, whilst also avoiding the flying scythes that come your way out of the portals.

Phase 2

You’ll know you’ve entered phase 2 when you see these thin vertical lines flashing…

Do your best to get as into the middle of two lines as possible to avoid the beams that will cover most of the screen.

This time, the Undead Wizard has no shield, but he is completely transparent, so he’s invincible to all of your attacks. He’ll also send five scythes at you at once so when the portals appear, get as much distance between them and you as possible.

The block on the ground in the bottom-left corner will have broken at the start of Phase 2 and inside was a bat lantern statue. Whilst avoiding all oncoming attacks, you’ll need to use your fire breath attack on the bat lantern in order to create a portal. Go through the portal and start spitting some fire.

Just before the timer runs out on the portal, a ghost will have picked up the bat lantern and will continue to try to fly away from you. Kill him so that the lantern will fall back onto the ground and repeat until you get his health bar down to zero for the second time. Once the timer ends, the Undead Wizard will also do another round of vertical beams, so make sure to avoid them like last time.

Rinse, repeat and move on to…

Phase 3

Once you get the Undead Wizard’s health down again, the floor with fall out from underneath you and you’ll be in another SHMUP battle. There’s not too much to say about this SHUMP battle as well, other than learn the attack patterns and keep at it. There’s no secret to it, just get his health down to zero and try to stay alive.

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