Missables Guide (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Missables Guide (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
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Featured with permission by TylahSchmitt

So, as we know, Indol quests become completely inaccessible after a certain point during Chapter 8. Since I have not seen anyone else do this yet, I want to go ahead and take the initiative to put every known missable in one place for the completionists such as myself.

This thread will be updated as more people add information, but I have been labbing this for the last day to see what all is missable. I have gotten Indol to 5 stars development, so I believe I have accessed everything avaliable to this area, however there may be quests that im unaware of obtainable outside of Indol that still require you to visit Indol, that become inaccessible.

So, without further or do, here is my current missables list!

(P.S. Having this thread as a sticky would be great btw, even if it is just temporary until we get a comprehensive missables guide on gamefaqs or something)



  • Mellica the Chorister

Given by: Mellica at Seoris Plaza

Required Development: 1 star

Rewards: 1180 Gold, 1760 EXP, 108 SP, Ambush Boost II Aux Core

  • Indol’s Teachings

Given by: Mololo at Quattor Street

Required Development: 1 star

Rewards: 1020 Gold, 960 EXP, 57 SP, Rare Core Crystal

  • A Ripe New Frontier

Given by: Snififi at Yannath Main Gate

Required Development: 1 star

Rewards: 5110 Gold, 2780 EXP, 150 SP, Unicorn Scarf, Emergency Guard III Aux Core

  • In order to finish the quest “The Riddle on the Wall”, you need a set of key items. But “Uncover the Truth” takes those key items! And in order to complete “Uncover the Truth”, you need to complete “The Riddle on The Wall”. Credit u/Sec0rs



  • Treasure Trove to the left of Yannath Main Gate, behind the boxes
  • Breakable wall behind the tents in Refugee Campground – grants access to 2 collections points
  • Locked gate in Refugee Campground – grants access to a treasure trove
  • Salvage Point directly south of Goetuis Wharf #1
  • The Indol wall painting behind the tents in Refugee Campground is moved to Fonsett Village after the Indol event


EDIT: Apparently the Indol shops are moved to Leftheria!



  • I did not record exactly who says what at which level of development, but there are unique npc conversations locked behind EVERY development level, up to level 5. Currently unknown if these conversations are ported to Leftheria after the Indol event.


  • User u/ZFFM has pointed out that he got every Indol merc mission by default once he was locked out of Indol. These merc mission will be moved to Leftheria, and they DO NOT require you to get all 5 development stars for indol before it is locked.
  • Heavy Angling

Rewards: 663 Gold, 221 EXP, 40 Merc points

  • Taminbi Theft

Rewards: 676 Gold, 221 EXP, 50 Merc points

  • Insect Professor

Rewards: 520 Gold, 286 EXP, 65 Merc points

  • Vessel Scrapping

Rewards: 1040 Gold, 7082 EXP, 80 Merc points, Hero Gloves, Topple Resist III Aux Core

  • Research Results

Rewards: 1443 Gold, 507 EXP, 105 Merc Points, Block Rate Up IV Aux Core, Arts Aggro Boost IV Aux Core

  • Benefit concert (ursula-related merc mission)

Rewards: 1830 Gold, 795 EXP, 200 Merc points, vocals stamp 2, looks stamp 2, soul stamp 2.

MISSABLE LOCATIONS/LANDMARKS Credit to Gamefaqs user TheRewster

  • Goetuis Port

Goetuis Wharf #1

Goetius Wharf #2

Yannath Main Gate

Fount of Holy Light

Milama Viewpoint

  • Indoline Sanctum

Seoris Plaza West Gate

Great Creation Cloister

And now the locations:

  • Goetuis Port

Goetuis Port

Quattor Street

Refugee Campground

Poldis Circle

  • Indoline Sanctum

Seoris Plaza

Indoline Sanctum

Audience Chamber

Praetor’s Study


  • If you accidently kill the baby Armu in Torigoth, (Trophy-icon unlisted quest where the farmer wants you to feed the baby. apparently needed for Perun) it in not undo-able, thus making this a missable
  • Buying Cookies in Indol (Trophy-icon “good deed” apparently needed for Perun)
  • Throwing money off the the ledge in Indol (Trophy-icon “good deed” apparently needed for Perun)

This is the extent of my list so far. Please let me know if I missed anything guys! As of now the main thing I am worried about is if there are any sidequests outside of indol, that require you to visit indol to finish the quest. Possibly Rare Blade quests that I am unaware of?