Metamorphosis - Switch Review (Quick)

Metamorphosis - Switch Review (Quick)
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After a rambunctious night of drinking for Gregor Samsa’s friend Josef’s birthday, Gregor finds himself with the worst hangover imaginable as he is unwillingly transformed into an insect. If that’s not bad enough, Josef has been served with legal judgement and it’s up to you to crawl through the gaps and clear his name. Inspired by Franz Kafka’s literary work of the same name, Metamorphosis is a tale about transformation and making the most with the hand you’ve been dealt with.


  • It’s a lot of fun to explore tiny spaces like a bug.
  • The platforming is relatively smooth.
  • You can walk through sticky substances to climb vertically.
  • Its fun investigative work unlocks more clues to proceed.
  • The game has an unsettling sense of early 20th century fantastical wonderment.
  • Quotes from Kafka’s work that the game is inspired by.
  • Metamorphosis has multiple endings.
  • The game often omits eerily captivating music that doesn’t demand too much presence by overshadowing dialogue and sound effects.

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  • There are many moments that leave you feeling at a loss of what to do next.
  • Its first-person perspective can get nauseating, especially when your hanging upside down or frantically trying to get out of tight spaces.
  • The game also suffers from consistent frame rate dips which doesn’t help the nausea.
  • The software crashed multiple times.
  • The dialogue and narrative work contains grammatical errors which is ironic considering this game is inspired by a literary work that is taught and studied at universities.
  • Metamorphosis doesn’t hold up graphically on Switch with horrible textures, ugly facial animations and noticeably lacking draw distances.

Final Score: 60%

I certainly have a soft spot for Kafka considering my bachelor degree in English literature and this gamified version of Metamorphosis takes enough creative liberty to make it a viable game whilst still keeping true to its source material… kind of. This version is one of those clear examples where the Switch’s inferior hardware directly affects the quality of the software. With frequent frame rate dips and horrible textures, Metamorphosis is a captivating adaptation that’s best experienced on more powerful hardware.

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