Little Big Workshop - Switch Review (Quick)

Little Big Workshop - Switch Review (Quick)
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Run a manufacturing workshop where you fulfill client contracts for an assortment of items from toys, furniture, catapults, and sporting goods. Little Big Workshop is a fun little resource management game where the little is literal. The game takes place on a planning sheet with real life-sized objects surrounding your workshop. Become a boss who overworks his staff as they work 24/7 to make sure your contracts get out on time.


Little Big Workshop gives me vibes of games like Surviving Mars and Sim City but on a smaller scale and it successfully pulls off the genre. You collect money by completing contracts for clients who will reach out to you, gaining more and more reputation as your business grows in size and influence; a fun gameplay loop as projects become more and more complicated. As you accept a contract, your first goal is to plan out the entire process on a neat blueprint where you decide on materials and what machines do each job. Visually, the game has quite a cute design, going for the more cartoony style where characters have large heads and bulbous noses. To break up the resource management, random encounters will happen that, if unattended, will become detrimental. These can be little things like a spy from a rival company is amidst your workers or a brain parasite is affecting them and you have to remove it. You do receive a cash bonus for doing these tasks and they’re a lot of fun.

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Now, being a resource management game, there are common pitfalls to any new player that might end up being a deterrent to proceed. This will usually happen from the overload of choices available once the tutorial is finished and then the cycle of debt leading towards bankruptcy happens. Another downside is that there are stretches in the game where you just have to sit back and watch your workers complete their tasks so you can get money to start the next project. This is partially mitigated by having a speed up option, however the random events that occur will require you to go back to normal speed. I did encounter a game crash once as well, however it was only once and I did not lose much progress thanks to its frequent autosaving.

Final Score: 74%

Little Big Workshop is a charming, fun game to enjoy while you sit back and relax on a cold rainy night and enjoy watching something in the background or listening to your favourite podcast. I can definitely recommend this game to people who enjoy resource management games and people who haven’t tried the genre beforehand. 

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