Level-5's SNACK WORLD: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold Gets a Release Date

Level-5's SNACK WORLD: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold Gets a Release Date
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Level-5, known for the Professor Layton and Inazuma series, released Snack World initially on the Nintendo 3DS in August 2017 exclusively in Japan… until now. Japan released a Switch port in April 2018 and it’s that version that will be getting localised and seeing a western release on February 14, 2020. Here’s the trailer and rundown:

What happens when high fantasy, high comedy and a high-tech setting collide? A smorgasbord of thrilling action, saucy snark and outrageous food puns! SNACK WORLD: THE DUNGEON CRAWL —  GOLD, the one-of-a-kind dungeon crawling RPG from LEVEL-5, arrives on Nintendo Switch on 14th February 2020. 

Danger threatens the Snack World when the evil merchant Sultan Vinegar attempts to resurrect the Deodragon, Smörg Åsbord. In this quirky adventure, customise your character and join the heroic explorers Chup, Mayo and the gang as they make their way through a slapstick comedy-filled quest to restore order to the castle town ruled by King Papaya.

While in each procedurally-generated dungeon, search for rare treasure and loot while dodging treacherous traps and defeating brutal bosses. While in town, prepare for the next adventure by shopping at curiously state-of-the-art convenience stores for supplies, optimizing your gear and more. Use “snacks” to summon special familiars that assist in battles, switch up your jaras, or weapons and shields, on the spot and capitalize on consumables to gain an edge in combat. Team up with friends to take down big bosses with even bigger attitudes in online* and local co-op for up to four players.

Get ready for a new kind of deliciously meta adventure combining high fantasy, high technology and food puns galore, in Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold, coming to Nintendo Switch on 14th February 2020.

Now if you’re feeling confused after watching that trailer, don’t worry… so was I. So if you want to see gameplay, here’s the first 35 minutes of gameplay (Japanese release), courtesy of ContraNetwork:

Source: Nintendo AU/NZ PR