Later Daters Part Two - Switch Review

Later Daters Part Two - Switch Review
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Here we go again! We finally have a conclusion to the game that taught us that seniors can be sexy. Picking up from where Part One left off, Later Daters Part Two takes us to the end of your second week at YE OLDE Retirement Community.

In this review of Later Daters Part Two, we will only be discussing the game’s continuation of the plot as the gameplay (most of), art direction and music were covered in the review of part one. Click here if you’d like to read part one first.


The update of Later Daters brought us a mini game… Cribbage! Who hasn’t wanted to play Cribbage against your favourite in-game senior? I played a few rounds of the game with Jax, Marianna and Albert. Needless to say that they beat me basically every time. It could be because I had no idea how to play but I did try the three different levels, easy, medium and no mercy, and I lost every time. So I may be a bit biased when I say that the addition felt a little tacked on. I felt very little motivation to actually play the game once I had finished it but if Cribbage is your jam, you’re sure to enjoy the addition.

Story / Personality

Part Two of Later Daters covers the end of your first week at YE OLDE Retirement Community and continues on into your second week. This surprised me as the part one only covered three days and the second part covers almost double that. It felt almost as though the game went on half speed for the first part and this part just sped through at double speed.

The pace from the beginning of Part Two felt slightly off. Not only did it begin on a space ship (which I won’t go into more detail on so there aren’t any spoilers) but the storyline feels as though more could’ve been added in order to fill out some of the bits which felt like rushed and tacked on fluff.

I would definitely recommend that anyone who is planning on playing the game plays both parts together to make the game feel more seamless. Picking it up after months of not visiting YE OLDE Retirement Community certainly felt disjointed. Having the game break where it did, you would assume that it was at a peak but it didn’t really feel like that was the case and therefore, continuing on from there with a space scene felt quite off, no matter how fun and weird it was. Y’all gotta watch your mac & cheese intake.

Final Score: 63%

Later Daters had so many fun aspects of a good dating sim but unfortunately, the ways in which the developers have split the game into two parts doesn’t really work. At the very least, having one part finish at the end of the first week and then the second part finish at the end of the second week would’ve made the plot much stronger. Ultimately if played together, you can overlook the fact that the game has been split into two parts so it can be forgiven for those who choose to play this game now. If you’ve bought part one, I’d recommend buying part two just to get the conclusion, however abrupt it may be.

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